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Downloads : Programs, Tools & Applications

Programs, Tools & Applications

Welcome to the Thieves Guild downloadable programs and tools (for PC computers).

NOTE: All the files below are in zip format and require a decompressing program. If you have no such program installed, you can use WinZip. Also, some of the programs are executive files (.exe), so you it is possible that an anti-virus application may give you a "potential threat" warning. We've performed a virus scan on all of our files, and have tested all of the programs ourselves. If you are still worried that the files are unsafe, we encourage you to download and scan the files yourself (you should never run any exe file before scanning it first).


Art Detailer (320 KB) - A simple and cool program. You choose how valuable the art is (1-100), and let the program pull up a piece of art. Includes descriptions and value.
Creature Encyclopedia (1,931 KB) - Another way to store and sort through your monster database. Nice program, but there are some better out there.
Crime & Punishment (1,138 KB) - You input the charges, circumstances, magistrate's disposition, solicitor's disposition and any bribes. The program sets values for all the choices you've made and comes up with a verdict and punishment. The punishments are the best part of the program. T
Dice Wizard 2.0 (8 KB) - Small, and simple windows-based dice rolling program.
Dungeon Crafter v1.4 (2,457 KB) - A very cool, and extremely simple to use program that lets you create various kinds of maps. Good graphics, and ease of use map this a must for any map maker.
Game Map CAD (120 KB) - This is a DOS based program - which means the graphics are terrible, and the interface is pretty old. Map CAD creates simple hex maps with a variety of feature (terrain, cities, etc.), but placing these features can be a pain using only the keyboard (no m
Generator 4.0 (2nd Edition) (2,086 KB) - This is a very good character generating program. It rolls six random numbers and you choose which stats you'd like to apply them to. Then, with the stats rolled, you are allowed to go into detail about your character: input thief stats, add/remove spells
Inn & Tavern Detailer (412 KB) - A nice program that generates random descriptions of inns & taverns. Great for any fantasy game.
Magic Library (388 KB) - This program lists a random set of books, and authors, that can be found in any library. Great for adding some details to an adventure.
Monster Scribe (4,350 KB) - Nice program for storing and sorting through your monster database. Nice program with a simple windows interface.
Random Encounter Generator (97 KB) - A simple dos-based program. Enter a climate setting, choose a terrain type, and then select the time of day and the program gives you a creature encounter. You only receive a creatures name - the program would be better if you got the creatures stats as w
Random Magic Item Generator (38 KB) - A simple dos program. Choose to either export a file containing 100 (or however many you wish) randomly generated magic items. Then, open the text file to view the table. Simple program, but lacks any graphic interface (it is, after all, a DOS program). A
Street Detailer (351 KB) - Another simple program that gives a quick, random description of a street.
Thieves Guild Generator (68 KB) - This is a simple guild creator program. You imput four pieces of data: city culture/race, population, economic level and town alignment. The program does it's calculation and creates a text file. The output includes several NPCs with their general stats,
WinDice (88 KB) - A simple program for rolling dice. This program serves it's purpose well.
Winitem (294 KB) - A fantastic windows program for managing an off-line database of magical items. Add and remove items, modify existing ones - This program is easy to use and a great resource. Download it today!
Winspell (1,314 KB) - Another fantastic database management program that comes with over 1000 spells. Modify, add/remove and sort the spells you have. Allows for magic spells, priest spells, and even psionic devotions. This programs makes spell management and manipulation simp