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Dungeons & Dragons 5e Spell


Booming Blade

Evocation Cantrip

Casting Time: 1 action
Range: 5 ft
Components: V, M
Duration: 1 round
Damage Type: Thunder

As part of the action used to cast this spell, you must make a melee attack with a weapon against one creature within the spell's range, otherwise the spell fails. On a hit, the target suffers the attack's normal effects, and it becomes sheathed in booming energy until the start of your next turn. If the target willingly moves before then, it immediately takes 1d8 thunder damage, and the spell ends.

This spell's damage increases when you reach higher levels. At 5th level, the melee attack deals an extra 1d8 thunder damage to the target, and the damage the target takes for moving increases to 2d8. Both damage rolls increase by 1d8 at 11th level and 17th level.
Material Component: a weapon
Verbal Component: Imbuo Arma di Tumultum Tonitrua

Classes: Sorcerer, Warlock, Wizard, Rogue

Tags: Combat, Damage

Source: Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide

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