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Dungeons & Dragons 5e Tables

Art Objects (2,500gp)

Random Roll: d10 = 6
Jeweled anklet


d10 Art Object
1 Art Object:  Fine gold chain set with a fire opal
2 Art Object:  Old masterpiece painting
3 Art Object:  Embroidered silk and velvet mantle set with numerous moonstones
4 Art Object:  Platinum bracelet set with a sapphire
5 Art Object:  Embroidered glove set with jewel chips
6 Art Object:  Jeweled anklet
7 Art Object:  Gold music box
8 Art Object:  Gold circlet set with four aquamarines
9 Art Object:  Eye patch with a mock eye set in blue sapphire and moonstone
10 Art Object:  A necklace string of small pink pearls