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Dungeons & Dragons 5e Tables



Walk Full movement
Climb, Crawl 1/2 movement
Interact with One Item
Draw or sheath a weapon
Hand an item to another player
Load a crossbow
Retrieve or stow an item from your pack
Pickup or drop an unattended item
Move an object
Open a chest
Open or close a door
Throw a lever or switch
Combat Actions (1 per round)
Attack Make a melee or ranged attack
Cast a Spell With 1 action of casting
Dash Double movement
Disengage Moving does not provoke attacks of opportunity
Dodge Adv on Dex Saves, Attacks against you have Disadvantage
Escape Grapple Make an Athletic / Acrobatics check (your choice) against the grappler's Athletics
Grapple Target of your grapple must be no more than 1 size category larger, and it must be within reach. Make a Strength (Athletics) check contested by target's Athletic / Acrobatics (whatever they choose)
Help Your target gains advantage on the next ability check they make before the start of your next turn
Hide Make a Dex (Stealth) to become hidden
Improvise Take an action not described here (break down door, intimidate foes)
Ready Ready an action for use later during the round. Decide what circumstances might trigger your action. When the trigger occurs you may choose to spend your reaction after the trigger finishes to perform the readied action or move a distance up to your speed (if you readied Dash). If you ready a spell, it requires concentration until it is triggered.
Search Depending on the nature of the check, make a Perception (Investigation) check
Stabilize Use a healer's hit to stabilize a dying creature (no check required). Or, without a kit, make a DC 10 Wisdom (Medicine) check to stabilize.
Use an Object Activate an item
Bonus Actions (1 per round)
Two-weapon fighting When you attack while using 2 light melee weapons, you can use a bonus action to attack with offhand.
Reaction (1 per round)
Opportunity attack Provoked when a hostile creature moves out of your reach (resolved before movement).