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Dungeons & Dragons 5e Tables



Improvising Damage

Dice Examples
1d10 Examples:  Burned by coals, hit by a falling bookcase, pricked by a poison needle
2d10 Examples:  Being struck by lightning, stumbling into a fire pit
4d10 Examples:  Hit by falling rubble in a collapsing tunnel, stumbling into a vat of acid
10d10 Examples:  Crushed by compacting walls, hit by whirling steel blades, wading through a lava stream
18d10 Examples:  Being submerged in lava, being hit by a crashing flying fortress
24d10 Examples:  Tumbling into a vortex of fire on the Elemental Plane of Fire, being crushed in the jaws of a godlike creature or moon-sized monster

Damage Severity and Level

Character Level Setback Dangerous Deadly
1st-4th Setback:  1d10 Dangerous:  2d10 Deadly:  4d10
5th-10th Setback:  2d10 Dangerous:  4d10 Deadly:  10d10
11th-16th Setback:  4d10 Dangerous:  10d10 Deadly:  18d10
17th-20th Setback:  10d10 Dangerous:  18d10 Deadly:  24d10

Falling Damage

Action Damage Distance
Falling Damage:  1d6 Distance:  for every 10 feet