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Gems (1,000 gp)

Random Roll: d8 = 7
Star sapphire


d8 Gemstones
1 Gemstones:  Black opal (translucent dark green with black mottling and golden flecks)
2 Gemstones:  Blue sapphire (transparent blue-white to medium blue)
3 Gemstones:  Emerald (transparent deep bright green)
4 Gemstones:  Fire opal (translucent fiery red)
5 Gemstones:  Opal (translucent pale blue with green and golden mottling)
6 Gemstones:  Star ruby (translucent ruby with white star-shaped center)
7 Gemstones:  Star sapphire (translucent blue sapphire with white star-shaped center)
8 Gemstones:  Yellow sapphire (transparent fiery yellow or yellow green)