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Magic Item Table B

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Random Roll: d100 = 50


d100Magic Item
01-15Potion of Greater Healing
16-22Potion of Fire Breath
23-29Potion of Resistance
30-34Ammunition, +1
35-39Potion of Animal Friendship
40-44Potion of Hill Giant Strength
45-49Potion of Growth
50-54Potion of Water Breathing
55-59Spell scroll (2nd level)
60-64Spell scroll (3rd level)
65-67Bag of Holding
68-70Keoghtom's Ointment
71-73Oil of Slipperiness
74-75Dust of Disappearance
76-77Dust of Dryness
78-79Dust of Sneezing and Choking
80-81Elemental Gem
82-83Philter of Love
84Alchemy Jug
85Cap of Water Breathing
86Cloak of the Manta Ray
88Goggles of Night
89Helm of Comprehending Languages
90Immovable Rod
91Lantern of Revealing
92Mariner's Armor
93Mithral Armor
94Potion of Poison
95Ring of Swimming
96Robe of Useful Items
97Rope of Climbing
98Saddle of the Cavalier
99Wand of Magic Detection
100Wand of Secrets