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Dungeons & Dragons 5e Tables

Pickpocketing Loot

Random Roll: d10 = 10
16 cp


d10 Loot
1 Loot:  Lint or a bit of thread
2 Loot:  A piece of paper or parchment with a mundane note, list of items, or list of tasks on it
3 Loot:  A key (roll d6)
Loot:  1: A broken key
Loot:  2: A small brass key
Loot:  3: A heavy iron key
Loot:  4: A rusted key
Loot:  5: A key made from an unusual material
Loot:  6: A key ring with 1d10 keys on it
4 Loot:  A handkerchief (roll d4)
Loot:  1: A fine silk handkerchief
Loot:  2: A simple cotton handkerchief
Loot:  3: A lacy handkerchief
Loot:  4: A threadbare handkerchief
5-6 Loot:  A random trinket (roll d20)
Loot:  1: 1d8 chess pieces
Loot:  2: A tiny silver bell without a clapper
Loot:  3: A small knife
Loot:  4: A badge designating a military rank
Loot:  5: A glass orb filled with water, in which swims a clockwork goldfish
Loot:  6: A gem that looks like a lump of coal when examined by anyone else but you
Loot:  7: A rabbit's foot
Loot:  8: A four-leaf clover in a small glass vial
Loot:  9: A vial of dragon's blood
Loot:  10: A needle that never bends
Loot:  11: A whistle made from wood, with gold inlays
Loot:  12: A petrified mouse
Loot:  13: A tiny mechanical spider that moved about when it's not being observed
Loot:  14: A deck of 52 joker playing cards
Loot:  15: A tiny gnome-crafted music box that plays a song you dimly remember from your childhood
Loot:  16: A tooth from an unknown beast
Loot:  17: A piece of crystal that faintly glows in the moonlight
Loot:  18: A shard of obsidian that always feels warm to the touch
Loot:  19: A pair of old socks
Loot:  20: A pair of rigged dice
7 Loot:  A ring (roll d6)
Loot:  1: A wooden ring
Loot:  2: A heavy, iron ring
Loot:  3: A silver wedding band
Loot:  4: A simple, gold ring (worth 1d4 gp)
Loot:  5: An ornate gold ring etched with silver (worth 1d8 gp + 1d4 sp)
Loot:  6: An expensive-looking, platinum ring (worth 10d10 gp)
8 Loot:  A small vial or flask (roll d6)
Loot:  1: An empty flask/vial
Loot:  2: A Potion of Healing
Loot:  3: A Potion of Climbing
Loot:  4: A Potion of Poison
Loot:  5: A Potion of Resistance
Loot:  6: A Potion of Greater Healing
9 Loot:  A score (roll d12)
Loot:  1: 2d4 cp
Loot:  2: 3d6 cp
Loot:  3: 1d6 sp
Loot:  4: 1d6 sp + 1d10 cp
Loot:  5: 2d6 sp
Loot:  6: 2d6 sp + 1d6 cp
Loot:  7: 1d4 gp
Loot:  8: 1d4 gp + 1d10 sp
Loot:  9: 2d4 gp + 1d10 sp
Loot:  10: A gem or small piece of jewelry worth 5d10 gp
Loot:  11: A gem or small piece of jewelry worth 10d10 gp
Loot:  12: 1d6 gp and roll again on this table
10 Loot:  A big score (roll on the d12 table above, and then roll again on that table with a d8)