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Dungeons & Dragons 5e Tables

Tracking & Foraging


Foraging - Food & Water

Food & Water Availability Survival DC
Abundant food and water Survival DC:  10
Limited food and water sources Survival DC:  15
Very little, if any, food and water sources Survival DC:  20

Foraging - Ingredients

Method of Search Survival DC
Dedicated search without traveling Survival DC:  10
Traveling at a slow or stealthy pace Survival DC:  15
Traveling at a normal pace Survival DC:  18
Travel at a fast pace Survival DC:  21


Ground Surface Survival DC
Soft surface such as snow or sand Survival DC:  10
Dirt or grass Survival DC:  15
Bare stone Survival DC:  20
Each day since the creature passed Survival DC:  +5
Creature left a trail such as blood Survival DC:  -5