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Dungeons & Dragons 5e Tables



Trap Saves & Attack Bonuses

Trap Danger Save DC
Setback Save DC:  10-11
Dangerous Save DC:  12-15
Deadly Save DC:  16-20

Damage Severity by Level

Character Level Setback
1st-4th Setback:  1d10
5th-10th Setback:  2d10
11th-16th Setback:  4d10
17th-20h Setback:  10d10

Trap Damage Examples

Below are some examples of trap effects, and some low level spells that can be integrated into a traps (i.e. a sprung trap that sprays poisoness gas may be the equivalent of a Cloudkill spell). Other traps may cause not cause damage, but may cause other problems (a darkness spell may be activated, consequently blinding everyone). A DM can be very creative and adapt many other spells that are not listed below.
Trap Damage Notes
Stinking Cloud Spell Damage:  Notes:  Con save or spends turns retching and reeling. Last 1 min unless dispersed.
Darkness Spell Damage:  Notes:  Blinds the party in the affected area.
Silence Spell Damage:  Notes:  Causes an area of silence, where spells can't be cast.
Globe of Invulnerability Spell Damage:  Notes:  Traps a creature for 1 minute (possibly while enemies are alerted, or while the floor slowly moves to show a pit below them)
Character Falls Damage:  1d6 / 10 ft. Notes:  Possible Dex (Acrobatics) check for short distances. Max damage of 20d6. Creature falls prone.
Frostbite Spell Damage:  1d6 Notes:  Con save or suffer cold damage.
Earth Tremor Spell Damage:  1d6 Notes:  Dex save or suffer bludeoning damage.
Ray of Frost Spell Damage:  1d8 Notes:  More damage if cast at higher levels: 5th (2d10), 11th (3d10), 17th (4d10)
Crushed by a falling Bookcase Damage:  1d10
Firebolt Spell Damage:  1d10 Notes:  More damage if cast at higher levels: 5th (2d10), 11th (3d10), 17th (4d10)
Eldritch Blast Spell Damage:  1d10 Notes:  More damage if cast at higher levels: 5th (2d10), 11th (3d10), 17th (4d10)
Hit by a Lightning Bolt Damage:  2d10 Notes:  Lightning damage
Fall into a Fire Pit Damage:  2d10
Collapsing Tunnel Damage:  4d10
Fall into a Vat of Acid Damage:  4d10
Cloudkill Spell Damage:  5d8 Notes:  Poison damage, Con save for half.
Whirling Steel Blades Damage:  10d10
Strong Lava Spray Damage:  10d10
Pit of Lava (submerged) Damage:  18d10
Vortex of Fire (submerged) Damage:  24d10