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Travel - Pace | Travel - Map Pace | Movement Speed


Travel - Pace

Pace Per Minute Per Hour Per Day
Fast Per Minute:  400 feet Per Hour:  4 miles Per Day:  30 miles
Normal Per Minute:  300 feet Per Hour:  3 miles Per Day:  24 miles
Slow Per Minute:  200 feet Per Hour:  2 miles Per Day:  18 miles

Travel - Map Pace

Map Scale Slow Pace Normal Pace Fast Pace
(1 sq. = 10 ft.)
Slow Pace:  20 sq./min. Normal Pace:  30 sq./min. Fast Pace:  40 sq./min.
(1 sq. = 100 ft.)
Slow Pace:  2 sq./min. Normal Pace:  3 sq./min. Fast Pace:  4 sq./min.
(1 hex = 1 mi.)
Slow Pace:  2 hexes/hr.,
18 hexes/day
Normal Pace:  3 hexes/hr.,
24 hexes/day
Fast Pace:  4 hexes/hr.,
30 hexes/day
(1 hex = 6 mi.)
Slow Pace:  1 hex/ 3hr.,
3 hexes/day
Normal Pace:  1 hex/2 hr.,
4 hexes/day
Fast Pace:  1 hex/ 11/2 hr.,
5 hexes/day

Travel - Movement Speed

Movement Speed / Details
Difficult Terrain Speed / Details:  Half speed
Climbing Speed / Details:  Half speed
Swimming Speed / Details:  Half speed
Crawling Speed / Details:  Half speed
Dropping Prone Speed / Details:  Free movement
Standing Up Speed / Details:  Half Movement
Long Jump Speed / Details:  Str score (in feet), 10ft' running start
— Standing Jump Speed / Details:  Half of Str score (in feet)
— Try to Jump Further Speed / Details:  Str (Athletic) check
— Land in Dif. Terrain Speed / Details:  Dex (Acrobatic) check or land prone
High Jump Speed / Details:  3+Str modifier (in feet), 10ft' running start
— Standing High Jump Speed / Details:  Half of 3+Str modifier (in feet)
— Max Jump Reach Speed / Details:  1½ character's height
— Try to Jump Higher Speed / Details:  Str (Athletic) check
— Land in Dif. Terrain Speed / Details:  Dex (Acrobatic) check or land prone

Difficult Terrain: Half speed in difficult terrain (dense forests, deep swamps, rubble-filled ruins, steep mountains, ice-covered ground, etc.).

Climbing, Swimming and Crawling are at half speed (quarter for difficult terrain). Might require Str (Athletic) or Dex (Acrobatics) checks.

Dropping prone is a free movement. Standing up costs half your movement.

Jumping: Running long jump distance is Str in feet (and requires at least 10'). Standing long jump is half that distance. Running high jump is 3 + Strength modifier in feet. Standing high jump is half that. Max reach of jump height + 1 1/2 character's height. Jumping further/higher may require a Str (Athletics) check. Landing in difficult terrain requires a Dex (Acrobatics) check to avoid landing prone.

Forced March: Traveling more than 8 hrs in day risks Exhaustion. Each character must make a Con save throw at the end of each additional hr. DC 10+1 for each hr past 8 hrs. On a failed save, a character suffers one level of Exhaustion.

Mounts: Double travel distance for one hour (or more if fresh mounts available every 10 miles).

Vehicles: Wagons and carriages move at normal pace. Waterborne vessel have their own speed, and don't suffer pace penalties/benefits. Depending on a vessel (and crew), ships may be able to travel 24 hours a day.

Activities While Traveling: Characters performing activities while traveling (such as navigating, drawing a map, tracking or foraging) do not get a Passive Perception check.