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Books/Resources : Mongoose Publishing : The Quintessential Fighter

The Quintessential Fighter

Publisher: Mongoose Publishing
ID: [MGP4001]
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Heralded as the first true class book for the d20 system, The Quintessential Fighter provides vital information for any player wishing to exploit his Fighter character to the fullest. Since the game was first created, many years ago, Fighters have always had a rough deal when compared to the more esoteric classes such as Cleric, Rogue and Wizard. The Quintessential Fighter redresses this balance, taking the Fighter class further than it has ever been before.

Weighing in at 128 pages, The Quintessential Fighter is jam-packed full of useful rules and rules sub-systems, making this class ever more flexible and capable.

The Collector's Series is set to grow into a highly attractive and sought after series, with each volume taking an in-depth look at a different character class, building upon the possibilities each has to bring a new dimension to the game for any player. Far more than a mere collection of new prestige classes, The Collector's Series will open the horizons for any character, from 1st level to 20th and beyond.

Inside You Will Find:

Character Concepts:
A Fighter is always more than a sword in heavy armour. Through the use of the templates provided within Character Concepts, a player can give his Fighter an entire history and personality quickly and easily.

The Prestige Fighter:
From the lowly Peasant Hero and Outlaw to the dreaded Bounty Hunter and Knight, the Fighter class is expanded from a faceless warrior into a man or woman capable of forging legends single-handed.

Tricks of the Trade:
Only a Barbarian launches himself blindly into combat, hacking and slashing at his enemies. The Fighter is an expert in combat and warfare and is able to utilise a vast repertoire of tricks and tactics to overcome his enemies. This chapter fully explores these options and gives new and fully detailed rules for jousting, wrestling, Called Shots and a multitude of others. . .

Fighter Feats:
No class receives more feats than the Fighter and no book detailing new options for Fighters could be complete without expanding the capabilities of the class. Smite your enemies with the Reckless Charge, nail them at range with Sure Aim and disrupt enemy spellcasters with Combat Caster Defence.

Tools of the Trade:
Almost more than any other class, Fighters rely on good quality equipment to get their jobs done and The Quintessential Fighter opens up the possibilities for fighters, with a plethora of new weapons, mounts and equipment, all specifically designed for your Fighter to get the best results in battle.

Fighting Styles:
There are many character classes who profess to be expert in combat, but the true Fighter knows it is only he that can truly master weaponry. A complete new range of Fighting Styles are detailed, allowing any Fighter with perseverance and training to greatly enhance his combat capabilities.

Tournaments & Duelling:
Not all battles are fought in the wilderness or within dark dungeons. Fully detailed rules are presented allowing Fighters (and other classes, if they dare!) to take part in duels and tournaments, either for honour or pure monetary gain.

Everyone needs a little help now and again, and a Fighter is a true leader of men in combat. Fighters may now hire mercenaries and engage in larger battles against their enemies.

The Open Mass Combat System:
First presented as a cut-down version within Seas of Blood, The Quintessential Fighter introduces Mongoose Publishing's Open Mass Combat System, the OMCS. Fighters may now lead entire armies against their foes, directing their men as thousands of warriors crash together in bloody battle. Full rules cover multiple units, scouts, the effects of magic, sieges and much, much more. . .

There comes a time when every Fighter desires to take a step back from the adventuring life and set about building the greatest fortress known to guard the frontier from marauding enemies and establish his own kingdom. Whilst Wizards skulk in their towers and Clerics waste their time on prayers in temple, the Fighter raises massive, impregnable castles designed to withstand any assault. The Quintessential Fighter provides full rules on how to construct and manage these great strongholds, allowing a Fighter to enter the world of politics, massed warfare and intrigue.


Feat Name
Expert Marksman Fighter
Fearsome Display Fighter
Improved Armour Use Fighter
Improved Called Shot Fighter
Improved Dodge General
Improved Weapon Focus Fighter
Increased Reload General
Incredible Endurance General
Lightning Initiative General
Off-Hand Weapon Expert General
Power Charge Fighter
Reckless Attack Fighter
Rest In Armour Fighter
Side by Side Fighter
Sure Aim General
Team Flanking Fighter
Total Defence Fighter
Twin Shot General
Two-Handed Power Strike Fighter



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