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Books/Resources : Alderac Entertainment Group : Mercenaries


Publisher: Alderac Entertainment Group
ID: [AEG8511]
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The ultimate 304-page man-for-hire guide, Mercenaries is full of the best d20 System has to offer: New classes, races, equipment, spells, monsters, mounts, rules for creating mercenary companies, tracking, and the work that men do for a few coins. Also contains a complete collection of tables and charts from AEG and official 3rd Edition rules including spells, equipment and domains.


Feat Name
All or Nothing General
Ambush General
Amphibious Assault General
Armor Focus (Heavy) General, Fighter
Armor Focus (Light) General, Fighter
Armor Focus (Medium) General, Fighter
Assault Formation General
Astonishing Reflexes General
Attunement General
Battle Cry General
Blind Casting General
Blood Frenzy General
Blood Lust General
Body Tackle General
Break Charge General
Choke Hold General
Continue The Fight General
Contortionist General
Controlled Breathing General
Dead Eye General
Defensive Stance General
Devoted Defense General
Dislocation General
Eagle Eye Strike General
Exaggerate Spell Metamagic
Expert Aim General, Fighter
Extra Spell General
Fervent General
Field Magic General
Fierce General
Fists of Fury General
Fists of Thunder General
Grace Under Pressure General
Hardy General
Harmony General
Heavy Infantry Training General, Fighter
Holistic Medicine General
Improved Alertness General
Improved Endurance General
Improved Ranged Sneak Attack General
Improved Sneak Attack General, Epic
Improvised Weapon General, Fighter
Incredible Fortitude General
Inspire Loyalty General
Instructor General
Knowledgeable General
Light Sleeper General
Linguist General
Mental Combatant General, Fighter
Mind Blank General
Natural Born Leader General
Natural Leader General
Oath General
Off-Handed Parry General
Parry General
Perfect Shot General
Phalanx General, Fighter
Power Throw General
Quick Load General, Fighter
Quick Shot General, Fighter
Rabble Rouser General
Rapid Healing General
Scent of the Beast General
School Focus Metamagic
Sensitive General
Shield Focus General, Fighter
Sign Language General
Signature Weapon General, Fighter
Sniper General
Spell Exchange Special
Strength of Blood General, Fighter
Superior Sneak Attack General
Trick Skin General
Trick Skull General
Wealth General
Will of Stone General, Fighter



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