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Books/Resources : Mongoose Publishing : Encyclopaedia Arcane - Necromancy

Encyclopaedia Arcane - Necromancy

Publisher: Mongoose Publishing
ID: [MGP1002]
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Throughout the civilised lands of man, dwarf and elf, the practice of necromancy is universally shunned, its knowledge suppressed and its practitioners persecuted. Only now, with the advent of Necromancy - Beyond the Grave, are the darkest secrets of this terrible and frightening magic finally uncovered. One skilled in wizardry or sorcery may use this tome, for good or ill, and tap the powers inherent beyond the grave for their own direct benefit. For those willing to risk the wrath of a society opposed to the art, mastery of necromancy may bring the most potent of magical energies to command. As with any of the black arts though, the practitioner runs the very real risk of succumbing to the very forces he is seeking to harness. Continued exposure to the powers of death can inflict a terrible toll upon both body and sanity, causing the necromancer to gradually become more like the undead under his control. The physical dangers are all too real, the slow corruption usually going unnoticed for a great amount of time as the practitioner, consumed by his studies, ignores the first effects. Few true masters of necromancy continue completely unscathed, their magics constantly draining their humanity with each casting until their bodies become little more than dry husks, mere vessels for the incredible mind and will that drives them to fulfil unearthly ambitions. Others choose merely to dabble in the art but the corrupting influence of necromancy may begin at any time and its effects are permanent. So too is the lure of power the practice can offer and many practitioners are propelled by their research, pursuing such promises even as their own body and mind begin to break under the strains imposed.

That necromancy, that is, the study and control of the forces that arise from death itself, is reviled throughout the world is easy to comprehend. Whilst many dark arts and forbidden lores exist within the realms of magic, necromancy is often deemed the lowest, the tool of the truly evil. Whatever his true intentions, any necromancer manipulates the streams of magic around him to alter the effects of death and what passes beyond. Corpses may be raised from the earth to walk once more, spirits can be recalled to speak with the living and, as a practitioner's power grows, the very forces of life and death may be touched upon and made manifest within the material world. Such actions are repugnant to most for they are the very perversion of all that is natural - necromancers play with powers that mortals were simply never meant to touch, that once only the gods themselves were able to bring into effect. Necromancers are the people who can prove that there is indeed life, of a sort, beyond the grave.

  • New prestige classes, including the learned Spectral Loremaster and the abhorrent Deathseeker
  • Directly manipulate negative energy with Necromantic Feats
  • Fully compatible with all undead creatures from all publishers
  • Master the terrible rites that allow entry into Lichdom
  • The nature of negative energy and the undead explained
  • Full help provided to Games Masters to integrate Necromancy into their campaigns
  • New undead creatures to roam the night, including the Skull Child, Burning Ghat and the terrible Death Knight
  • Craft new magical items dediacted to harnessing the raw power of negative energy
  • A wealth of new incantations - from the devastating Annihilation spell to the awe-inspiring Raise Death Hulk


Feat Name
Animation by Touch Necromantic
Augment Undead Necromantic
Command Undead Necromantic
Death Touch Necromantic
Empower Undead Necromantic
Replicate the Divine Necromantic
Resist Magic Necromantic
Spirit Dissertation Necromantic



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