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Books/Resources : Green Ronin Publishing : Hammer & Helm: Guidebook To Dwarves

Hammer & Helm: Guidebook To Dwarves

Publisher: Green Ronin Publishing
ID: [GRR1101]
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The hammer-swinging, ale-gulping dwarf is a staple of any fantasy campaign, but there's more to these stout folk than horned helmets and a lust for battle. The first of Green Ronin's Races of Renown d20 sourcebooks, Hammer & Helm is packed with numerous Dwarven character options, new feats, prestige classes, subraces, spells, and equipment.


Feat Name
Artisan General
Aspect of Command Bloodgift
Aspect of Fear Bloodgift
Back-to-Back General
Blood of Magic Metamagic, Bloodgift
Boar's Charge General
Clanheart Magic General
Deepblood Bloodgift
Deepsight Bloodgift
Divine Flame Bloodgift
Drakeblood Bloodgift
Dreamchild Bonding
Earth Harmonics General
Earth's Armor Bloodgift
Exotic Armor Proficiency General
Fires Within Bloodgift
Flameborn Sorcery General
Forgeblood Bloodgift
Giantfoe General
Greater Pledge of Flame Bonding
Greater Pledge of Frost Bonding
Improved Dispelling General
Infuse Casting General
Instinctive Siege Engine Use General
Lock Shields General
Low to the Ground General
Master Artisan General
Mountain's Youth General
Mystic Endurance Spell Channeling
Mystic Force Spell Channeling
Mystic Presense Spell Channeling
Mystic Resistance Spell Channeling
Mystic Sight Spell Channeling
Mystic Stealth Spell Channeling
Mystic Summoning Spell Channeling
Mystic Turning Spell Channeling
Oath of Dreams Bonding
Oath of Iron Bonding
Pledge Arcane Bonding
Pledge of Flame Bonding
Pledge of Frost Bonding
Pledge of Shadow Bonding
Protected Archery General
Protected Casting General
Rapid Siege Engine Use General
Remote Casting Metamagic
Rocklike Bloodgift
Seaborn Sorcery General
Shadowblend Bloodgift
Shield Wall General
Skybond Bonding
Skyborn Sorcery General
Skystride Bonding
Soul of Iron Bonding
Stoic General
Stonebinder Bloodgift
Stoneblood Bloodgift
Stoneborn Sorcery General
Stonelord Bloodgift
Tandem Fighting General
Wisdom of Ages General



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