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Books/Resources : Mongoose Publishing : The Slayer's Guide to Amazon's

The Slayer's Guide to Amazon's

Publisher: Mongoose Publishing
ID: [MGP0005]
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Throughout history and legend, amazons have always stood firm as the ultimate warrior women, the ideal of female triumph in a male dominated world. But who are the amazons, a race who counts the deepest jungles as their domain and ruthlessly slays any intruder? The Slayer's Guide to Amazons peels back the fog of myth and legend to reveal, for the very first time, the true story of these incredible women.

With lithe, supple bodies and stunningly attractive features, the amazons are deceptive to any outsider encountering them for the very first time. Few make any mistake the second time around if they survive this encounter, for amazons are truly cruel and capricious, dedicated to destroying any influence the outside world may have upon their civilisation. Far from being primitive tribeswomen, amazons have a highly sophisticated culture, devoted to the preservation of their warrior ideals at all costs. They are superb combatants, for skill in the sword, spear and bow is impressed upon each girl at an early age, and they ruthlessly protect their domain against invader.

Their hatred for all things male-dominated is well known, and any one of their number can easily engage a man in single combat with a good chance of overcoming him. They have excellent wilderness skills and a preternatural awareness of their surroundings. All this, combined with their innate sense of sisterhood make any encounter with an amazon tribe a truly dangerous experience. In any region where amazons are known to dwell, explorers and adventurers alike are warned to use the utmost caution and avoid contact with the warrior women whenever possible. There can be no peace, no truce and no negotiation with an amazon tribe. All they desire is for the outside world to stay far away from their civilisation and to avoid its inevitable taint.

Inside You Will Find:

Amazon Physiology:
A detailed look at both the physiology and psychology of these not altogether human warrior women. Their long years of separation from the rest of the world has changed their outlook dramatically, their cruel and capricious renowned in both myth and legend.

Delving deep into the darkest jungles and forests of the world, adventurers may be unlucky enough to have the amazons discover their intrusion.

Amazon Society:
Never before seen information on how the warrior-women live their day-to-day lives. The three sects of amazon warriors, Maidens, Mothers and Crones directly reflect their relationship with the moon deity known only as The Goddess. They are driven to dominate all around them, and have a vicious hatred of any man or woman who proves herself subservient to male dominion. Experience The Growling and The Waning, two forces that control amazon life and drive the yearly cycles that see them leaving their villages and scouring the land for enemies.

Methods of Warfare:
Amazons are by no means mere weak women, and even the youngest Maiden may prove adept enough in their unique methods of warfare to cause an adventuring party a great deal of problems. By using their innate sense of the jungle wilderness, amazons are utterly lethal, viciously attacking any who dare enter their territory.

Role-Playing with Amazons:
Games Masters are provided with complete information on who to portray amazons in their scenarios, in a way their players will never forget.



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