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Books/Resources : TSR/Wizards of the Coast : Player's Handbook: Core Rulebook I (Edition 3.5)

Player's Handbook: Core Rulebook I (Edition 3.5)

Publisher: TSR/Wizards of the Coast
ID: [TSR17524]
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The Player's Handbook is the definitive rulebook for the Dungeons & Dragons game--the bestselling adventure game of all time, redesigned for a new millennium.

The Player's Handbook contains complete rules for the Third Edition D&D game. It is an essential purchase for anyone who wants to play the newest version of the quintessential roleplaying game.

Third Edition D&D is the clearest, most innovative manifestation of the game that launched an industry. Featuring a new, more versatile rules system playtested by over 600 players worldwide.


Feat Name
Alertness General
Ambidexterity General
Armor Proficiency (Heavy) General
Armor Proficiency (Light) General
Armor Proficiency (Medium) General
Blind-Fight General
Brew Potion Item Creation
Cleave General
Combat Casting General
Combat Reflexes General
Craft Magic Arms and Armor Item Creation
Craft Rod Item Creation
Craft Staff Item Creation
Craft Wand Item Creation
Craft Wondrous Item Item Creation
Deflect Arrows General
Dodge General
Empower Spell Metamagic
Endurance General
Enlarge Spell Metamagic
Exotic Weapon Proficiency General
Expertise General
Extend Spell Metamagic
Extra Turning Special
Far Shot General
Forge Ring Item Creation
Great Cleave General
Great Fortitude General
Heighten Spell Metamagic
Improved Bull Rush General
Improved Critical General
Improved Disarm General
Improved Initiative General
Improved Trip General
Improved Two-Weapon Fighting General
Improved Unarmed Strike General
Iron Will General
Leadership General
Lightning Reflexes General
Martial Weapon Proficiency General
Maximize Spell Metamagic
Mobility General
Mounted Archery General
Mounted Combat General
Point Blank Shot General
Power Attack General
Precise Shot General
Quick Draw General
Quicken Spell Metamagic
Rapid Shot General
Ride-By Attack General
Run General
Scribe Scroll Item Creation
Shield Proficiency General
Shot on the Run General
Silent Spell Metamagic
Simple Weapon Proficiency General
Skill Focus General
Spell Focus General
Spell Mastery Special
Spell Penetration General
Spirited Charge General
Spring Attack General
Still Spell Metamagic
Stunning Fist General
Sunder General
Toughness General
Track General
Trample General
Two-Weapon Fighting General
Weapon Finesse General
Weapon Focus General
Weapon Specialization Special



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