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Books/Resources : Mongoose Publishing : The Slayer's Guide to Troglodytes

The Slayer's Guide to Troglodytes

Publisher: Mongoose Publishing
ID: [MGP0004]
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Troglodytes are a thoroughly foul reptilian race walking upright like a man but with all the chill mercilessness and cruelty of a cold blooded snake. Many sages consider them to be as evil as the most loathsome of demons and they may not be wrong in this assumption. Troglodytes are often found in the underdeep of the world for they are creatures of the dark, but they may also inhabit the rocky peaks and passes of desolate mountains. Those few tribes who live near the surface wage a constant war on nearby settlements on cold, moonless nights.

In the past many Games Masters have simply used Troglodytes as just one more form of bipedal sword fodder for adventuring parties. Their skill with javelins, foul scent glands and chameleon ambush abilities combined with relatively large numbers made them tough opponents even when confronted by experienced groups of adventurers. Despite this, they have rarely been treated with the depth and detail such a race deserves and have been relegated to the rather dull role of simple bad guys. With this book, that changes. Troglodytes, as you will soon discover, aren't anything like humans would like them to be at all. Indeed, to comfortably imagine them as simple manlike fiends is to ignore not only their potential, but also the antediluvian evil they actually represent.

This inhuman race has truly been misunderstood. By browsing the pages of this Slayer's Guide you will open the door on an ancient evil that predates mankind's arrogant footsteps on the surface of the world. Closing the cover will never make them go away.

  • Witness the Troglodyte as you have never seen it before
  • Discover the truth behind the origin of the Troglodyte species and how it provides the vital link between Mankind' sown history and that of Dragons
  • New Troglodyte spells - adventurers beware!
  • New and fully detailed Troglodyte prestige class - the Crafter
  • Discover how best to approach and fight this wickedly evil race
  • Find out why this race has captured the attention of so many scholars and sages



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