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Drugs & Poisons - Mock Mindfire

Mock Mindfire

Ingested [DC 16]
108gp (per dose)
Initial Damage:
Secondary Damage:
-1d2 Int in 3d4 hrs.
When an assassination must be carried out with the greatest subtlety, there is nothing better than a mock disease potion to make the death seem natural. This class of poisons is extremely difficult to create, and the formulas required to manufacture the mock diseases are generally closely guarded secrets known only to assassins' guilds, malevolent alchemists or cults of evil gods. All these poisons are available in ingested versions only, since this is the best method for avoiding detection or even suspicion. All are DC 25 to spot - they have been formulated specifically to avoid detection.

Note that mock disease poisons are quite different from custom-designed poisons which duplicate the contagion spell (as found in The Quintessential Rogue). Poisons which duplicate contagion actually infect the target with the real disease, whereas the mock disease poisons simply do damage which resemble that done by the disease. This can also be a major advantage to the assassin, since the victim of a mock disease poison will likely be treated for the disease, which will of course have no effect on the poison.

Any time a mock disease poison does damage, it will also cause the physical and other symptoms of the disease to break out in the wearer. A Heal check (DC 25) on the part of anyone examining these symptoms carefully (10 minute or more examination) will reveal that the disease does not seem to be precisely the same as normal, although there will be no indication that this is because the disease is the result of a poison unless the examiner is aware of the poison and has seen its effects before.

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