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Equipment : Clothing


A table of clothing, with their descriptions and costs. This is a basic guide for supplies used in role playing games and fantasy stories.

Item NamePriceDescription
Aba, CommonPrice: 7 spDescription: Traditional Desert Robe
Aba, EmbroideredPrice: 1 gpDescription: Traditional Desert Robe
AketonPrice: 2 gpDescription: A stuffed jacket worn under the mail, or (later) a jacket plated with mail.
AnkletPrice: 1 spDescription: Silver Ankle Bracelet
Apron, ClothPrice: 1 cpDescription: A typical apron worn by masons and bakers.
Apron, LeatherPrice: 1 cpDescription: Work for protection when working near heat or fire.
Arm Band, SilverPrice: 15 cpDescription: 
BalaclavaPrice: 2 spDescription: Goes over face, with eye slit
Belt, ClothPrice: 8 cpDescription: 
Belt, Broad ClothPrice: 1 spDescription: 
Belt, LeatherPrice: 5 spDescription: 
Belt, Broad LeatherPrice: 9 spDescription: 
Blouse, CottonPrice: 3 spDescription: 
Blouse, LinenPrice: 4 spDescription: 
Blouse, Fur-liningPrice: 1 spDescription: This is additional weight and cost, to a blouse. So, a fur-lined cotton blouse costs 4sp and weighs 1lb.
Blouse, DeerskinPrice: 3 gpDescription: 
Blouse, SilkPrice: 8 gpDescription: 
Boots, High, Hard LeatherPrice: 2 gpDescription: Knee high
Boots, HighPrice: 1 gpDescription: Knee high
Boots, RidingPrice: 3 gpDescription: Hard Leather
Boots, SoftPrice: 1 gpDescription: Soft Leather
Boots, Short MoccassinsPrice: 1 gpDescription: 
Boots, Tall MoccassinsPrice: 3 gpDescription: 
Boots, Leather, Short, Soft-SoledPrice: 1 gpDescription: 
Boots, Leather, Tall, Soft-SoledPrice: 4 gpDescription: 
Boots, Hard Leather, Short, Soft-SoledPrice: 2 gpDescription: 
Boots, Hard Leather, Tall, Soft-SoledPrice: 5 gpDescription: 
Boots, Add WaterproofingPrice: 5 spDescription: Add this to the cost of the boot
Boots, Add SpikesPrice: 1 gpDescription: Add this to the costs/weight of the boot
Boots, Add Fur-liningPrice: 3 gpDescription: Add this to the cost/weight of the boot
Boots, Add Steel-PlatingPrice: 5 gpDescription: Add this to the cost/weight of the boot
Bracelet, GoldPrice: 25 gpDescription: 
Bracelet, SilverPrice: 10 gpDescription: 
Breeches, ClothPrice: 1 gpDescription: Wool, baggy pants
Breeches, LeatherPrice: 2 gpDescription: Leather, baggy pants
Brooch, PlainPrice: 10 gpDescription: 
BustlePrice: 4 spDescription: A bustle is a type of framework used to expand the fullness or support the drapery of the back of a woman's dress
CannonsPrice: 2 gpDescription: Wool, tight pants
Cap, hatPrice: 1 spDescription: 
Cape, HalfPrice: 8 spDescription: Wool (+2sp for hood)
Cape, FullPrice: 1 gpDescription: Wool (+2sp for hood)
ChadorPrice: 6 spDescription: Female full body robe with viel
Chemise, SackclothPrice: 5 cpDescription: Burlap sack in the shape of a standard shirt
Chemise, CottonPrice: 8 cpDescription: Wool, standard shirt
Chemise, LinenPrice: 1 spDescription: Linen, standard shirt
Chemise, SilkPrice: 5 gpDescription: Silk, standard shirt
Cloak, ClothPrice: 2 spDescription: 
Cloak, Good ClothPrice: 8 spDescription: 
Cloak, WoolPrice: 9 spDescription: 
Cloak, Basic Fur (i.e. Rabbit)Price: 30 gpDescription: 
Cloak, Fine Fur (i.e. Mink)Price: 50 gpDescription: 
Cloak, Add Fur-LiningPrice: 8 spDescription: Add this to the cost/weight of the cloak it is added to.
Cloak, Add HoodPrice: 4 spDescription: Add this to the cost/weight of the cloak it is added to.
Cloak, Add Water-ProofingPrice: 3 spDescription: Add this to the cost/weight of the cloak it is added to.
Cloth, CanvasPrice: 1 gpDescription: Per square yard
Cloth, CottonPrice: 1 cpDescription: Per square yard
Cloth, LinenPrice: 1 cpDescription: Per square yard
Cloth, SatinPrice: 4 gpDescription: Per square yard
Cloth, SilkPrice: 10 gpDescription: Per square yard
Cloth, VelvetPrice: 4 gpDescription: Per square yard
Cloth, WoolPrice: 1 cpDescription: Per square yard
Codpiece, WoolPrice: 1 spDescription: A covering flap or pouch that attaches to the front of the crotch of men's trousers and usually accentuates the genital area.
Codpiece, SteelPrice: 1 gpDescription: 
Coat, WoolPrice: 2 gpDescription: 
Coat, LeatherPrice: 6 gpDescription: 
Coat, Add Fur LiningPrice: 8 spDescription: Add this cost/weight to the coat it is added to.
CotePrice: 7 gpDescription: Linen, fancy & longer chemise
Doublet, CommonPrice: 1 gpDescription: 
Doublet, RichPrice: 5 gpDescription: 
Dress, CommonPrice: 7 gpDescription: 
Dress, RichPrice: 10 gpDescription: 
FullclothPrice: 8 gpDescription: Full wool longjohns
Girdle, UndergarmentPrice: 2 gpDescription: 
Girdle, Decorative / BroadPrice: 3 gpDescription: 
Gloves, Cloth, Wrist-LengthPrice: 1 spDescription: 
Gloves, Cloth, Forearm-LengthPrice: 7 spDescription: 
Gloves, Soft Leather, Wrist-LengthPrice: 1 gpDescription: 
Gloves, Soft Leather, Forearm-LengthPrice: 2 gpDescription: 
Gloves, Hard Leather, Wrist-LengthPrice: 2 gpDescription: 
Gloves, Hard Leather, Forearm-LengthPrice: 3 gpDescription: 
Gloves, Add Fur-LiningPrice: 5 spDescription: Add this to the cost/weight of the glove.
Gorget, ClothPrice: 4 spDescription: A band of linen wrapped around a woman's neck and head
Gorget, LeatherPrice: 1 gpDescription: A leather collar designed to protect the throat
Gorget, SteelPrice: 3 gpDescription: A steel collar designed to protect the throat
Gown, CommonPrice: 12 spDescription: Wool
Gown, RichPrice: 1000 cpDescription: Embroidered with lavish fabric
Hat, StrawPrice: 1 cpDescription: 
Hat, ClothPrice: 10 cpDescription: 
Hat, FurPrice: 40 gpDescription: Price varies depending on the rarity of the fur.
Hose/Leggings, ClothPrice: 3 spDescription: Wool leggings
Hose/Leggings, SilkPrice: 3 gpDescription: Silk leggings
Jacket, LinenPrice: 7 spDescription: 
Jacket, WoolPrice: 1 gpDescription: 
Jacket, LeatherPrice: 4 gpDescription: 
Jacket, SilkPrice: 6 gpDescription: 
Jacket, Add Fur-LiningPrice: 7 spDescription: Add this to the cost/weight of the jacket that it is added to.
JerkinPrice: 1 gpDescription: Leather jacket
Kimono, SilkPrice: 16 gpDescription: Oriental style robe
Knife SheathPrice: 3 cpDescription: Hard leather
Loincloth, CottonPrice: 4 cpDescription: 
Loincloth, LinenPrice: 5 cpDescription: 
Loincloth, FurPrice: 2 spDescription: 
Mantle, SpringPrice: 5 spDescription: A type of loose garment usually worn over indoor clothing to serve the same purpose as an overcoat
Mantle, WinterPrice: 1 gpDescription: 
Mittens, ClothPrice: 2 spDescription: Cloth, fur-lined
Mittens, Soft LeatherPrice: 4 spDescription: Soft leather, fur-lined
Nightshirt, LinenPrice: 8 cpDescription: 
Nightshirt, SilkPrice: 9 spDescription: 
Nightgown, LinenPrice: 5 spDescription: 
Nightgown, SilkPrice: 3 gpDescription: 
ParkaPrice: 8 spDescription: A type of coat with a hood, fur-lined
Pin, CheapPrice: 7 cpDescription: 
Pin, NicePrice: 1 gpDescription: 
Pin, ExtravagentPrice: 6 gpDescription: 
Robe, PoorPrice: 6 cpDescription: 
Robe, CommonPrice: 9 spDescription: 
Robe, EmbroideredPrice: 20 gpDescription: 
Robe, Lounging, CommonPrice: 5 spDescription: 
Robe, Lounging, RichPrice: 2 gpDescription: 
SandalsPrice: 5 cpDescription: Leather straps
Sash, LinenPrice: 8 cpDescription: 
Sash, SilkPrice: 8 spDescription: 
Sash, EmbroideredPrice: 2 gpDescription: 
Sash, DaggerPrice: 2 gpDescription: Holds 8 daggers
ScarfPrice: 2 spDescription: Wool neck wrap
Shirt/Blouse, CottonPrice: 5 spDescription: 
Shirt/Blouse, LinenPrice: 6 spDescription: 
Shirt/Blouse, SilkPrice: 9 gpDescription: 
ShoesPrice: 8 spDescription: 
Slippers, LinenPrice: 2 spDescription: 
Slippers, WoolPrice: 4 spDescription: 
Slippers, LeatherPrice: 8 spDescription: 
Slippers, SilkPrice: 2 gpDescription: 
SnowshoesPrice: 10 gpDescription: 
StockingPrice: 2 gpDescription: Cotton
Surcoat, ClothPrice: 3 spDescription: 
Surcoat, LeatherPrice: 2 gpDescription: 
Surcoat, EmbroideredPrice: 4 gpDescription: 
Sword Scabbard, Hanger, BaldricPrice: 4 gpDescription: 
TabardPrice: 6 spDescription: Cloth draping
Toga, Coarse / BurlapPrice: 8 cpDescription: Linen, light body wrap
Toga, WoolPrice: 5 spDescription: 
Toga, LinenPrice: 8 spDescription: 
Trousers/SkirtPrice: 3 cpDescription: Linen shirt
Tunic, LinenPrice: 5 spDescription: Linen shirt
Tunic, LeatherPrice: 3 gpDescription: 
Tunic, SilkPrice: 8 gpDescription: 
Tunic, Add Fur-LiningPrice: 2 spDescription: Add this cost/weight to the tunic it is added to.
Turban, CommonPrice: 8 spDescription: Head wrap
Turban, RichPrice: 5 gpDescription: 
Vest, CottonPrice: 3 spDescription: Cotton
Vest, WoolPrice: 4 spDescription: 
Vest, LeatherPrice: 1 gpDescription: 
Vest, FurPrice: 5 gpDescription: Price varies depending on the rarity of the fur.
Vest, Add Fur-LiningPrice: 2 spDescription: Add this cost/weight to the vest it is added to
Wrist SheathPrice: 3 spDescription: Holds 1 dagger to arm/leg