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Equipment : Hirelings


A table of hirelings and their costs. This is a basic guide for supplies used in role playing games and fantasy stories.

HirelingsPrice (per day)Description
AlchemistPrice (per day): 10 gpDescription: Details
An Alchemist is someone who practices alchemy. Alchemy is an art based partly upon experimentation and partly upon magic. Historically, alchemists sought to transform base metals into prescious metal (such as gold) using a mythical substance they knew as philosopher's stone. Typically, an alchemist is a type of healer, with the ability to brew potions.
Animal TrainerPrice (per day): 3 gpDescription: Details
Animal trainers tame and train animals for domestication and fighting. Typically, an animal trainer specializes in training a specific type of animal (such as dogs). There are some trainers with an affinity to nature and have the ability to train several types of animals.
ArmorerPrice (per day): 5 gpDescription: Details
A maker, supplier, or repairer of weapons or armor. Typically an armorer is hired to create a piece of armor, or to maintain and repair armor during a siege or battle.
Bearer/PorterPrice (per day): 1 cpDescription: Details
A porter, also called a bearer, is a person who carries or moves objects for others. Typically bearers are used to carry weapons and supplies for adventurers.
BlacksmithPrice (per day): 3 gpDescription: Details
A blacksmith is a metalsmith who creates objects by forging metal, using tools to hammer, bend, and cut. Blacksmiths create metal objects of all kinds, including weapons.
BoatwrightPrice (per day): 1 spDescription: Details
A builder of boats and ships. Boatwrights tend to be highly skilled carpenters with a strong knowledge of mathematics, design and science. They are typically hired to either build, repair or maintain ships.
Bowyer/FletcherPrice (per day): 1 gpDescription: Details
Someone who makes bows/arrows, which are primarily used for hunting and archery. A bowyer specializes in making bows, and fletchers typically specialize in arrows - although a bowyer tends to know how to make both.
CarpenterPrice (per day): 3 cpDescription: Details
Carpentry is a skilled trade in which the primary work performed is the cutting, shaping and forming of wood to create buildings, ships, timber bridges, etc.
Engineer (Architect)Price (per day): 5 gpDescription: Details
An architect is a person who plans, designs, and oversees the construction of buildings.
Engineer (Artillerist)Price (per day): 7 gpDescription: Details
A soldier who specializes in building and maintaining artillery and large siege weapons, such as catapults and trebuchets.
Engineer (Miner/Sapper)Price (per day): 3 gpDescription: Details
A sapper, or a 'combat engineer', may perform a variety of combat engineering duties. Sappers build bridges, demolish walls and buildings, build trenches and general defences, and sometimes build and set traps.
Jeweler-GemcutterPrice (per day): 5 gpDescription: Details
Jewelers hold the knowledge of assessing the value of prescious stones and gems. They cut and polish stones, and set gems into weapons and jewelry.
Leather WorkerPrice (per day): 2 cpDescription: Details
Leather workers are common laborers, but their skills were still highly valued. While metal items were heavy and expensive, leather was a cheap and light alternative. Leather workers craft clothing, saddles and leather armor. While tanning hides was common knowledge, the durability of those made by leather workers was far superior.
LimnerPrice (per day): 1 gpDescription: Details
A limner is an illuminator of manuscripts, or more generally, a painter of ornamental decoration. A limner artist is one who has little, if any, formal training and would travel from place to place to solicit commissions. Some limners are skilled enough to paint portraits and traditional paintings.
LinkboyPrice (per day): 1 cpDescription: Details
A linkboy (or link boy or link-boy) is a boy who carries a flaming torch to light the way for pedestrians at night.
MasonPrice (per day): 4 cpDescription: Details
A mason creats buildings, structures, and sculpture using stone and rock.
Pack HandlerPrice (per day): 2 cpDescription: Details
Typically someone who handles horses, barding and pack animals.
SagePrice (per day): SpecialDescription: Details
A sage is a person of profound wisdom and knowledge. Typically, a sage specializes in certain fields of study, such as the history of a certain area, the study of local ruins, or the search of a particular object. It is common that while sages may specialize in one or two areas, they tend to have general knowledge about most fields of study.
ScribePrice (per day): 5 spDescription: Details
A scribe is a person who writes books or documents by hand as a profession and helps keep track of records. Scribes are often asked to research laws and other matters for kings and nobles. Some are historians, poets and philosophers, while others mearly copy text and keep records. Historically, scribes lost much of their value with the advent of printing.
SpyPrice (per day): SpecialDescription: Details
A spy is a person engaged in obtaining information that is considered secret or confidential without the permission of the holder of that information. The cost and time for a mission is dependent on the difficulty, security and danger of the project.
Steward/CastellanPrice (per day): 30 gp+Description: Details
The Steward took care of a castle estate and household administration. This was a position of high esteem and power (depending on the size of the estate). Some stewards only maintained the staff and castle, while others oversaw the law and court of the estate while their patron was away. This occupation was also referred to as a Seneschal
TailorPrice (per day): 2 cpDescription: Details
A person whose occupation is making fitted clothes such as shirts, pants, and cloaks to fit individual customers. Most tailors primarily use cloth, while others dabble in leather and jewelry.
TeamsterPrice (per day): 5 cpDescription: Details
One who drives a team for hauling. Typically a coach or caravan driver.
Valet / LackeyPrice (per day): 3 cpDescription: Details
A servant, typically male, who serves as personal attendants to their employer. They are often responsible for the clothes and personal belongings of their employer, and making minor arrangements.
Weapon MakerPrice (per day): 5 gpDescription: Details
Someone who makes weapons, in both wood and metal. They are typically blacksmiths who specialize in weaponsmithing.
WeaverPrice (per day): 2 cpDescription: Details
A person who engages in weaving fabric, used for clothing, bandages and certain pieces of furnature. Weaving is a method of fabric production in which two distinct sets of yarns or threads are interlaced at right angles to form a fabric or cloth.

Mercenaries / Soldiers

Archer (Long Bow)Price (per day): 1 spDescription: Details
An archer is a person who uses a bow and arrow, a practitioner of archery. Long bows have a longer range than most other bows.
Archer (Short Bow)Price (per day): 5 cpDescription: Details
An archer is a person who uses a bow and arrow, a practitioner of archery. Short bows don't have the range of long bows, but are quicker and easier to draw.
ArtilleristPrice (per day): 12 cpDescription: Details
One who mans and operates siege weapons, such as catapults and trebuchets. They are in charge of moving, setting up, loading and firing these weapons.
CaptainPrice (per day): 15 gp+Description: Details
A captain is a higher ranking officer in the military. They are typically veterans and hardy soldiers. They often command a sub-unit of up to 120 soldiers. They have subordinate lieutenants that maintain individual squads of around 30 soldiers. The cost of a captain is typically for the individual soldier, and not for his entire platoon.
CrossbowmanPrice (per day): 5 cpDescription: Details
A ranged soldier that is armed with a crossbow. Crossbows are slow loading weapons, with a smaller range than most bows. During battle, crossbowmen can typically squeeze off one round before having to engage in melee combat. They tend to carry a mace or sword for melee attacks.
Footman, HeavyPrice (per day): 5 cpDescription: Details
A heavily armored infantry soldier. Due to the cost of plate mail, heavy footman tend to wear studded or hardened leather armor. Some footmen use chain mail. They often carry swords, maces or axes.
Footman, LightPrice (per day): 3 cpDescription: Details
A light armored infantry soldier. They are typically garbed in padded or leather armor, and carry a sword or axe.
Footman, PikemanPrice (per day): 8 cpDescription: Details
A infantry soldier armed with a long pike.
HobelarPrice (per day): 5 cpDescription: Details
A type of light cavalry, or mounted infantry, used in Western Europe during the Middle Ages for skirmishing. They are highly mobile, and excel in scouting, reconnaissance and patrols.
Horseman, ArcherPrice (per day): 15 cpDescription: Details
A mounted archer. They are lightly armored and often used as scouts. They tend to fire from a distance, and retreat when foot soldiers get to close.
Horseman, CrossbowmanPrice (per day): 1 spDescription: Details
A mounted ranged unit, armed with a crossbow.
Horseman, HeavyPrice (per day): 15 cpDescription: Details
A heavy horseman is a heavily armored soldier mounted on a fully barded mount. This horseman is a terror on a battlefield, often riding down normal footman and dealing devastating attacks from high. They tend to carry a lance, along with a melee weapon at their waist, typically a sword (but sometimes a mace or axe).
Horseman, LightPrice (per day): 8 cpDescription: Details
An unarmored mount, with a lightly armored soldier. They are typically garbed in padded or leather armor and carry a sword.
Horseman, MediumPrice (per day): 1 spDescription: Details
Medium horseman are typically armored in studded or hardened leather armor, and carry a sword. Their mounts are rarely barded - but if so, they are barded with padded or leather armor.
LieutenantPrice (per day): 8 gp+Description: Details
A ranking officer in the military. A lieutenant normally commands a platoon or troop of around 30 soldiers. They are the subordinate to Captains. The cost of a lieutenant is typically for the individual soldier, and not for his entire platoon.
Sapper/MinerPrice (per day): 30 spDescription: Details
A sapper, or a 'combat engineer', may perform a variety of combat engineering duties. Sappers build bridges, demolish walls and buildings, build trenches and general defences, and sometimes build and set traps.
SergeantPrice (per day): SpecialDescription: Details
A high ranking officer who maintains a small army. They tend to have subordinate captains and lieutenants that maintain the individual troops and platoons. Their price is dependent on their history and success.
SlingerPrice (per day): 8 cpDescription: Details
A slinger is a unit that uses a sling to fire blunt projectiles, such as stone, clay or a lead 'bullet.'

Ship Crew / Sailors

Captain, Ship MasterPrice (per day): 15 gp+Description: Details
A ship's captain commands and manages all ship's personnel, and is typically in charge of the ship's accounting, payrolls, and inventories.
MarinesPrice (per day): 8 cpDescription: Details
Marines are a ships melee soldiers, typically used for boarding and capturing enemy vessels.
MatesPrice (per day): 1 gpDescription: Details
Mates are positions of leadership on a vessel. The 1st mate is second in command to the Captain, and the 2nd is directly below him.
OarsmanPrice (per day): 3 cpDescription: Details
Rowers, in charge of manning the oars on certain ships that have oars.
SailorPrice (per day): 5 cpDescription: Details
The bulk of a ship's crew. A sailor, seaman, mariner, or seafarer is a person who navigates waterborne vessels or assists as a crewmember in their operation and maintenance.