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Dwarvish Community Laws
Traditionally, in most campaign worlds, dwarves tend to be hard working and militaristic. They are diligent workers that are dedicated to the growth of the community. They also value honor and are very strict to those that break their oath. As such, below are several laws that an elvish community may ask travelers and diplomats to respects.

Mountainhome Laws

Causing the death of another is not tolerated
Death. Head smashed with a war hammer.
Crimes that threaten the kingdom and all those under the mountain
Death. Head smashed with a war hammer.
Cowardly acts in battle bring shame
Demotion or lose of rank and/or title.
Oath Breaking
An oath to the gods must never be broken
Dwarves are expected to attone by serving as an indentured servant to the temple for a full year. All others are shuned and exiled.
Damaging property, stonework or sculpture
100 gp fine, plus the cost of the damage.
Petty Theft
Taking property belonging to others
25 gp fine, and the criminal must carry around a 50 lb rock for a tenday.
Grand Theft
Theft of high valued property or family relics
500 gp fine, and the criminal must work in the mines for a year.
Arcane Influence or Harm
The casting of spells to harm or influence others
Punishment varies, based on the repercussions. Punishments can include a fine, indentured servitude or exile.
If a fine can't be paid, additional time of indentured servitude will be added as punishent.

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