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Religious Laws
Every religion is different, depending on the tenents of the faith. However, most religions share some fundamental rules (i.e. do not harm the clerics). Below is a relgious doctrice to use as a template.

Religious Doctrine

Heresy (It is forbidden to worship any of the dark gods) - Death, burned at the stake.
Assaulting a Priest (Attacks on a priest or lay worshipper) - Indentured servitude to the temple for 1 year. Repeat offenders are burned at the stake.
Blasphemy (Speaking out against the gods and their doctrine) - 10 gp fine. Repeat offenders are beaten. Further offenses lead to exile.
Theft (Theft of temple goods or offerings) - 10 gp fine (minimum). Repeat offenders can have their hand crushed by a warhammer.
Vandalism (Vandalism of the temple) - 100 gp fine and the cost of repairs. Repeat offenders are branded for their crimes.
Desecration (Corrupting the sanctity of a holy place) - 250 gp fine and 1 year of indentured servitude to the temple.
Tomb-robbing (Stealing from the temple's dead) - 100 gp fine and 2 years of indentured servitude to the temple.
If a fine can't be paid, additional time of indentured servitude will be added as punishent.

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