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Magic Items : Wands : Wand of Misplaced Objects

Wand of Misplaced Objects

This wand emits a multitude of golden orbs that rush toward a target creature. The orbs surround the victim and swirl around him wildly for 1 round. During this time the victim is confused and can take no action.

At the end of the round, the orbs vanish and the victim is free to act. He discovers, however, that all objects on his person have been moved. Some items are inconveniently located, while others are nowhere to be seen. A warrior might find his magical ring on one of his toes, his sword in his pants, his gold pieces in the sheath of his sword, and his breastplate on his head. The more possessions a victim owns, the more confused the situation becomes. The DM is encouraged to be devious.

Because of the chaotic placement of items, the victim suffers several penalties. Movement is reduced by half. Armor class of characters wearing armor is reduced by 2, since pieces are not worn properly. Attack rolls made by the victim are made at a -2 penalty. These penalties are eliminated if the victim devotes 2-5 rounds (1d4+1) to rearranging his gear.

A character requiring an item carried in a backpack, pouch, pocket, or other container must spend 2-12 (2d6) rounds searching for the item. This penalty is canceled if 3 turns are spent unpacking and repacking all gear.

The DM must define the locations of objects any time a character reaches for them or if they impair motion or sight. When deciding locations of objects, the DM should state the obvious effects of impaired sight and movement immediately, such as boots worn on hands or a cloak over the face.

Items held within a bag of holding, Heward's handy haversack, or other magical containers are unaffected. However, the containers themselves are subject to relocation.

The wand uses one charge per attack. It may be recharged.

XPValue: 2000

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