Antipathy / Sympathy
Level 8 Enchantment
Magic School
Casting Time
1 hour
V, S, M
60 ft (200 ft cube)
10 days
This spell attracts or repels creatures of your choice. You target something within range; either a Huge or smaller object/creature or area that is no larger than a 200-foot cube. Then specify a kind of intelligent creature (i.e. red dragons, goblins, vampires). The target either attracts or repels the specified creatures for the duration. Choose antipathy or sympathy as the aura's effect.

Antipathy. The designated target must succeed a Wisdom saving throw or become frightened. While frightened by the target, the creature must use its movement to move to the nearest safe spot where it can't see the target. If the creature moves more than 60ft from the target and can't see it, the creature is no longer frightened, but the creature becomes frightened again if it regains sight of the target or moves within 60ft of it.

Sympathy. Similar to antipathy, but attracts the creatures.
Material Components
Material Component: either a lump of alum soaked in vinegar (antipathy) or a drop of honey (sympathy)
Verbal Components
Verbal Component: Contra Sensus (Antipathy) / Augeo Sensus (Sympathy)
Druid, Wizard
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