Otiluke's Freezing Sphere
Level 6 Evocation
Magic School
Casting Time
1 action
V, S, M
300 ft (60 ft sphere)
You send a frigid globe of cold energy to a point of your choice within range, where it explodes in a 60' radius sphere. Each creature within the area makes a Con saving throw. On fail, take 10d6 cold dmg. On success, take 1/2 as much dmg. If the globe strikes a body of water, or liquid that is principally water (not including water-based creatures), it freezes the liquid to a depth of 6" over an area 30' square. This ice lasts for 1 min. Creatures swimming on the surface of frozen water are trapped in ice. A trapped creature can make a Str check against your spell save DC to break free (1 action). You can refrain from firing the globe after completing the spell. A small globe, the size of a sling stone, appears in your hand. You, or a creature you give it to, can throw the globe (to a range of 40') or hurl it with a sling (to the sling's normal range). It shatters on impact, with the same effect as the normal casting of the spell. After 1 min, if the globe hasn't already shattered, it explodes.
At Higher Levels
When you cast this spell using a spell slot of 7th level or higher, the damage increases by 1d6 for each slot level above 6th.
Verbal Components
Material Component: a small crystal sphere
Verbal Components
Verbal Component: Sie Orbis Glacialis
Verbal Components
Verbal Component (Alternative): Primordial cold in my hand appear, conjured forth as a freezing sphere.
Damage Type