Level 5 Divination
Magic School
Casting Time
10 minutes
V, S, M
Up to 10 minutes
You can see & hear a creature you choose on the same plane of existence. The target makes a Wis save, which is modified by the conditions below.
Save Mod
Secondhand (you have heard of the target)
Firsthand (you have met the target)
Familiar (you know the target well)
Save Mod
Likeness or picture
Possession or garment
Body part, lock of hair, bit of nail, or the like
On success, the target is unaffected, and you can't use this spell on it again for 24 hrs. If failed, an invisible sensor appears within 10' of the target and follows them. You can see and hear through the sensor. Instead of targeting a creature, you can choose a location you have seen before as the target.
Verbal Components
Material Component: a focus worth at least 1,000gp, such as a crystal ball, a silver mirror, or a font filled with holy water
Verbal Components
Verbal Component: Divinus Alius
Verbal Components
Verbal Component (Alternative): I seek to scry, a vision clear; I name a creature, one far or near.
Bard, Cleric, Druid, Warlock, Wizard
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