Level 3 Evocation
Magic School
Casting Time
1 action
V, S, M
1 round
You send a short message of twenty-five words or less to a creature with which you are familiar. The creature hears the message in its mind, recognizes you as the sender if it knows you, and can answer in a like manner immediately. The spell enables creatures with Intelligence scores of at least 1 to understand the meaning of your message.

You can send the message across any distance and even to other planes of existence, but if the target is on a different plane than you, there is a 5 percent chance that the message doesn't arrive.
Verbal Components
Material Component: a short piece of fine copper wire
Verbal Components
Verbal Component: Missiculo (state the message)
Verbal Components
Verbal Component (Alternative): (the message is the verbal component)
Bard, Cleric, Wizard, Rogue