Druid Grove
Level 6 Abjuration
Magic School
Casting Time
10 minutes
V, S, M
Touch (cube*)
24 hours
You invoke the spirits of nature to protect an area outdoors or underground. The area can be a 30' to 90' cube. Structures are excluded. When cast you can specify creatures who are immune, or password protect the area. The entire area radiates magic. If you cast this spell in the same area every day for a year, the spell lasts until dispelled. The spell creates the following. A dispel magic spell removes only 1 effects. See PHB for full details.
1. Solid Fog Fill any 5' squares (10' high) with fog.
2. Grasping Undergrowth Fill any 5' squares (not filled with fog) with grasping weeds/vines (entangle spell).
3. Grove Guardians Animate up to 4 trees, giving them the same stats as an awakened tree, except they can't speak. The grove guardians fight until they have driven off or slain the intruders.
4. Additional Effect You can also place one of the following:
  • A constant gust of Wind in 2 locations of your choice
  • Spike growth in 1 location of your choice
  • Wind wall in 2 locations of your choice
Material Components
Material Component: mistletoe, which the spell consumes, that was harvested with a golden sickle under the light of a full moon
Verbal Components
Verbal Component: Regio Invito Natura Spiritus
Damage Type
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