Bones of the Earth
Level 6 Transmutation
Magic School
Casting Time
1 action
V, S
120 ft
You cause up to 6 pillars of stone to burst from the ground that you can see within range. Each pillar is a cylinder that has a diameter of 5' and a height of up to 30'. You can target ground under a creature if that creature is M or smaller. Each pillar has AC 5 and 30 HPs. When reduced to 0 HPs, a pillar crumbles into rubble, which creates an area of difficult terrain with a 10' radius. The rubble lasts until cleared. If a pillar is created under a creature, it must succeed a Dex saving throw or be lifted by the pillar. A creature can choose to fail the save.

If a pillar is prevented from reaching its full height because of a ceiling or other obstacle, a creature on the pillar takes 6d6 bludgeoning dmg and is restrained, pinched between the pillar and the obstacle. The restrained creature can use an action to make a Str or Dex check (the creature's choice) against the spell's saving throw DC. If successful, the creature is no longer restrained and must either move off the pillar or fall.
At Higher Levels
When you cast this spell using a spell slot of 7th level or higher, you can create two additional pillars for each slot level above 6th.
Verbal Components
Verbal Component: Sie Ossium di Terra
Damage Type
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