Level 7 Evocation
Magic School
Casting Time
1 action
V, M
300 ft (10 ft cylinder*)
Up to 1 minute
A whirlwind howls down to a point on the ground you specify. The whirlwind is a 10' radius, 30' high cylinder. Until the spell ends, you can use your action to move the whirlwind 30' along the ground. The whirlwind sucks up M or smaller objects that aren't secured, worn or carried.

A creature must make a Dex saving throw the first time it enters the whirlwind, including when the whirlwind first appears. A creature takes 10d6 bludgeoning dmg on a failed save, or 1/2 dmg on a successful one. In addition, a L or smaller creature that fails must succeed on a Str saving throw or become restrained in the whirlwind until the spell ends. When a creature starts its turn restrained, the creature is pulled 5' higher inside, unless the creature is at the top. A restrained creature moves with the whirlwind and falls when the spell ends (unless the creature has some means to stay aloft).

A restrained creature can use an action to make a Str or Dex check against your spell save DC. If successful, the creature is no longer restrained by the whirlwind and is hurled 3d6 x 10 feet away from it.
Verbal Components
Material Component: a piece of straw
Verbal Components
Verbal Component: Impetus Tempestatis
Damage Type
Druid, Sorcerer, Wizard

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