Analyze Opponent
Level 2 Divination
Magic School
Casting Time
1 action
S, M
60 ft
1 round
This spell facilitates the quick analysis of a single opponent by the spellcaster. At 1st level, the priest can divine one salient weakness or strength of a single opponent. At 3rd level, and every two levels thereafter up to 9th, the spellcaster can determine an additional strength or weakness. The target of this spell is entitled to a WIS saving throw. If the saving throw is successful, the spell is wasted and nothing is learned.

For example, if this spell was cast by a 5th-level priest on a troll, he might learn that trolls can regenerate (a strength), that they are particularly susceptible to fire (a weakness), and that this particular troll was partially blind in his left eye. The last nugget of information might translate into a +1 bonus to hit, at the DMs discretion, if the priest attacked so as to exploit the troll's weakness.
Verbal Components
Material Component: the priest's holy symbol
Cleric, Paladin