Delayed Blast Fireball
Level 7 Evocation
Magic School
Casting Time
1 action
V, S, M
150 ft (20 ft sphere)
Up to 1 minute
You send a glowing bead to a point within range. When the spell ends (either by the caster, or concentration is lost), the bead blossoms with a low roar into an explosion of flame that spreads around corners. The spell's base damage is 12d6. If at the end of your turn the bead has not yet detonated, the damage increases by 1d6. Each creature in a 20'-radius sphere centered on that point must make a Dex saving throw. On a failed save, take full fire dmg. Take half dmg on a successful one. The fire damages objects in the area and ignites flammable objects that aren't being worn or carried.

If the glowing bead is touched before the interval has expired, the creature must make a Dex saving throw. On a failed save, the bead erupts in flame. On a successful save, the creature can throw the bead up to 40'. When it strikes a creature or a solid object, the bead explodes.
At Higher Levels
When you cast this spell using a spell slot of 8th level or higher, the base damage increases by 1d6 for each slot level above 7th.
Material Components
Material Component: a tiny ball of bat guano and sulfur
Verbal Components
Verbal Component: Mora Ignis Orbis
Damage Type
Sorcerer, Wizard
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