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Wild Surge Generator

A wild surges is a random magical effect which can sometimes occur when casting magical spells. Wild surges add random surprises that can enhance role playing games and stories. These surges can lead to very interesting situations. Some wild surges are beneficial, others are dangerous, and some are comedic. References to the spell's duration/effects refer to the original spell attempted by the caster.

Random Wild Surge
Caster's face is blackened by small explosion
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Wild Surge Table

Below is a table of wild surges. Roll a 100-sided die and select the chosen wild surge. Anyone running a campaign (like a Dungeon Master), or telling a story, should consider our list of wild surges as a source of ideas, and should not be bound by the results of their die roll. This list was originally compiled with reference to AD&D version 3.5 spells, but can be adapted for 4th and 5th edition.

d100 Random Effect
1 Wall of force appears in front of caster
2 Caster smells like a skunk for spell duration
3 Caster shoots forth eight non-poisonous snakes from fingertips. Snakes do not attack.
4 Caster's clothes itch (+2 to initiative)
5 Caster glows as per a light spell
6 Spell effect has 60' radius centered on caster
7 Next phrase spoken by caster becomes true, lasting for 1 turn
8 Caster's hair grows one foot in length
9 Caster pivots 180 degrees
10 Caster's face is blackened by small explosion
11 Caster develops allergy to his magical items. Character cannot control sneezing until all magical items are removed. Allergy lasts 1d6 turns
12 Caster's head enlarges for 1d3 turns
13 Caster reduces (reversed enlarge) for 1d3 turns
14 Caster falls madly in love with target until a dispel magic or remove curse is cast
15 Spell cannot be canceled at will by caster
16 Caster polymorphs randomly
17 Colorful bubbles come out of caster's mouth instead of words. Words are released when bubbles pop. Spells with verbal components cannot be cast for 1 turn.
18 Reversed tongues affects all within 60 feet of caster
19 Wall of fire encircles caster
20 Caster's feet enlarge, reducing movement to half normal and adding +4 to initiative rolls for 1d3 turns
21 Caster suffers same spell effect as target
22 Caster levitates 20' for 1d4 turns
23 Cause fear with 60' radius centered on caster. All within radius except the caster must make a saving throw.
24 Caster speaks in a squeaky voice for 1d6 days
25 Caster gains X-ray vision for 1d6 rounds
26 Caster ages 10 years
27 Silence, 15' radius centers on caster
28 10'x10' pit appears immediately in front of caster, 5' deep per level of the caster
29 Reverse gravity beneath caster's feet for 1 round
30 Colored streamers pour from caster's fingertips
31 Spell effect rebounds on caster
32 Caster becomes invisible
33 Color spray from caster's fingertips
34 Stream of butterflies pours from caster's mouth
35 Caster leaves monster-shaped footprints instead of his own until a dispel magic is cast
36 3-30 gems shoot from caster's fingertips. Each gem is worth 1d6 x 10 gp.
37 Music fills the air
38 Create food and water
39 All normal fires within 60' of caster are extinguished
40 One magical item within 30' of caster (randomly chosen) is permanently drained
41 One normal item within 30' of caster (randomly chosen) becomes permanently magical
42 All magical weapons within 30' of caster are increased by +2 for 1 turn
43 Smoke trickles from the ears of all creatures within 60' of caster for 1 turn
44 Dancing lights
45 All creatures within 30' of caster begin to hiccup (+1 to casting times, -1 to THAC0)
46 All normal doors, secret doors, portcullises, etc. (including those locked or barred) within 60' of caster swing open
47 Caster and target exchange place
48 Spell affects random target within 60' of the caster
49 Spell fails but is not wiped from caster's mind
50 Monster summoning II is cast
51 Sudden change in weather (temperature rise, snow, rain, etc.) lasting 1d6 turns
52 Deafening bang affects everyone within 60'. All those who can hear must save vs. spell or be stunned for 1d3 rounds
53 Caster and target exchange voices until a remove curse is cast
54 Gate opens to randomly chosen outer plane; 50% chance for extra-planar creature to appear.
55 Spell functions but shrieks like a shrieker
56 Spell effectiveness (range, duration, area of effect, damage, etc.) decreases 50%
57 Spell reversed, if reverse is possible
58 Spell takes physical form of free-willed elemental and cannot be controlled by caster. Elemental remains for duration of spell. Touch of the elemental causes spell effect (THAC0 equal to caster's).
59 All weapons within 60' of caster glow for 1d4 rounds
60 Spell functions; any applicable saving throw is not allowed
61 Spell appears to fail when cast, but occurs 1-4 rounds later
62 All magical items within 60' of caster glow for 2d8 days
63 Caster and target switch personalities for 2d10 rounds
64 Slow spell centered on target
65 Target deluded
66 Lightning bolt shoots toward target
67 Target enlarged
68 Darkness centered on target
69 Plant growth centered on target
70 1,000 lbs. of non-living matter within 10' of target vanishes
71 Fireball centers on target
72 Target turns to stone
73 Spell is cast; material components and memory of spell are retained
74 Everyone within 10' of caster receives the benefits of a heal
75 Target becomes dizzy (-4 AC and THAC0, cannot cast spells) for 2d4 rounds
76 Wall of fire encircles target
77 Target levitates 20' for 1d3 turns
78 Target suffers blindness
79 Target is charmed as per charm monster
80 Target forgets
81 Target's feet enlarge, reducing movement to half normal and adding +4 to all initiative rolls for 1-3 turns
82 Rust monster appears in front of target
83 Target polymorphs randomly
84 Target falls madly in love with caster until a dispel magic or remove curse is cast.
85 Target changes sex
86 Small, black raincloud forms over target
87 Stinking cloud centers on target
88 Heavy object (boulder, anvil, safe, etc.) appears over target and falls for 2d20 points of damage
89 Target begins sneezing. No spells can be cast until fit passes (1d6 rounds).
90 Spell effect has 60' radius centered on target (all within radius suffer the effect)
91 Target's clothes itch (+2 to initiative for 1d10 rounds)
92 Target's race randomly changes until canceled by dispel magic
93 Target turns ethereal for 2d4 rounds
94 Target hastened
95 All cloth on target crumbles to dust
96 Target sprouts leaves (no damage caused, can be pruned without harm)
97 Target sprouts new useless appendage (wings, arm, ear, etc.) which remains until dispel magic is cast
98 Target changes color (canceled by dispel magic)
99 Spell has a minimum duration of 1 turn (i.e., a fireball creates a ball of flame that remains for 1 turn, a lightning bolt bounces and continues, possibly rebounding, for 1 turn, etc.)
100 Spell effectiveness (range, duration, area of effect, damage, etc.) increases 200%