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Traps & Tricks (Page 3)

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41. Egg Beater Trap

Upon falling into the pit, the player notices three stone fists coming out of the walls. The fists attempt tograb the player once he's down, attempting to strip him of everything he is wearing, and give him several punches. The stone fists have a strength of 19 and 20 hitpoints. They are immune to fire and lightening. There are usually a lot of bones and treasure in the pit for those who are strong enough to take it.

42. Delayed Trap

The trap isn't tripped until the third character passes, or waits one round before going off. For example, the last player enters a corridor - BANG! - the door shuts behind them - RUMBLE! RUMBLE! - suddenly a huge boulder starts rolling down the corridor behind them - RUN!!!

43. Teleport Loop

The character enters a teleporter that teleports him to another teleport that teleports him back. The loop continues until a condition is met (usually a dispel magic is cast or a lever somewhere down the corridor is pulled). This will frazzle most players.

44. Yellow Mold Death

Picture a room with Yellow Mold covering the floor. The room is 50x50 and 30 feet high. On the ceiling are stalagtites. In reality they are piercers (see Monstrous Compendium). In the back of the room is a chest that is bolted to the floor, it is not covered by the mold. If the characters walk on the floor then the mold will go off. So most of the time they will choose to fly, or use ropes on the stalagtites. That is when the fun starts. When they get half way across the room the piercers start dropping. If they hit the fool who is flying then so be it. They will probably fall into the mold causing it to go off. But if the piercers miss, then they hit the mold. Very bad for the characters indeed.

45. Handy Door

Upon opening a door, have a large glowing fist slam into the lead character (2d10 damage - saving throw vs. death for half damage). Of course, even if he makes the roll, he's going to go flying through the air and hit the wall (1d6 Dex check for no damage). But, in order for your characters to truly appreciate this trap, you must explain that the hand then grabs the door knob and pulls the door shut behind it. Assuming the players have any brains, they should realize the trap just reset itself.
Solution: You can allow a dispel spell, but that would take the fun out of it. Have the players knock. If you want to make it more difficult, have the players say a password.

46. The Pedestal

The players stand in a large and featureless room, at the center of which is a pedestal holding a valueable item. There is a chimney-like hole in the ceiling above, but the player's can't see where it leads. When the item is touched, the cieling surround the pedestal begins to drop.

If the players react quick enough, they will move to the pedestal (since the chimney will provide safety from the crushing cieling). Now, trapped in the pedestal, area, the players notice there is no breeze. The pedestal area is air tight!

The players have only have about an hour max worth of air. Unless one of the characters is a mage, or has a magical device (teleport, transmute rock or mud) they are in big trouble.
Solution: As mentioned, spells can be effective here. But, the valuable item that was found on the pedestal can also be used. Perhaps it is a rare device that the players must figure out - once the devices secrets are found, the trap resets and they can procede onward. Or maybe the valuable item can simply teleport them to another room.

Perhaps the pedestal has a reset switch on it, but it should be difficult to find because all of the players are trapped in the small room.

47. Disasterous Fauna

AD&D outlines a ton of dangerous plants and trees. Here are just a few of them, and where they can be found:

Viper Tree (Planescape)
Bloodgrass (Darksun)
BloodThorn (Planescape Append. 2)
Boring Grass (Monst. Compend. Annual 2)
Cactus, Hunting (Darksun)
Cactus, Rock (Darksun)
Chronolily (Monst. Compend. Annual 2)
Firethorn (Monst. Compend. Annual 2)
Ironmaw (Planescape Append. 2)
Plant, Carnivorous (Monst. Compend. Vol. 1)
Plant, Choke Creeper (Monst. Compend. Vol. 1)
Plant, Hangman Tree (Monst. Compend. Vol. 1)
Plant, Mantrap (Monst. Compend. Vol. 1)
Plant, Strangleweed (Monst. Compend. Vol. 1)
Plant, Giant Sundew (Monst. Compend. Vol. 1)
Plant, Retch (Forgot Realms)
Plant, Snapper-saw (Forgot Realms)
Plant, Thornslinger (Forgot Realms)
Plant, Tri-flower Frond (Monst. Compend. Vol. 1)
Plant, Viper Vine (Forgot Realms)
Plant, Whip Weed (Forgot Realms)
Plant, Wither Weed (Forgot Realms)
Plant, Black Willow (Forgot Realms)
Razorvine (Planescape Append. 2)
Seed, Brain (Darksun)
Serpent Vine (Monst. Compend. Annual 2)
Shimmerweed (Dragonlance)
Twilight Bloom (Monst. Compend. Annual 2)

48. Mimic

A mimic (se Monstrous Compendium) is a creature that disguises itself as an inanimate object to lures it's prey. It tends to disguise itself as treasure chests and banquet tables. Greater Mimics (see Monstrous Compendium Annual 2) have been said to disguise themselves as entire rooms (imagine seeing a doorway leading into a room full of treasure ... which is actually the creatures mouth, leading into it's stomach).

49. Golems

Many great magicians use golems and mechanical warriors to protect their lairs & treasures. Below are a list of man-made guards (and where they can be found):

Automaton, Scaladar (Monst. Comp. Annual 2)
Automaton, Triobrands (Monst. Comp. Annual 2)
Burning Man Golem (Monst. Comp. Annual 2)
Clay Golem (Monstrous Comp. Vol. 1)
Copper Automaton (Al-Qadim)
Flesh Golem (Monstrous Comp. Vol. 1)
Half-Golem (Ravenloft)
Iron Golem (Monstrous Comp. Vol. 1)
Lightning Golem (Forgot. Realms)
Magma Golem (Darksun)
Mechanical Golem (Ravenloft)
Phantom Flyer Golem (Monst. Comp. Annual 2)
Salt Golem (Darksun)
Stone Golem (Monstrous Comp. Vol. 1)

50. Summon Dragon

The players open the door to the room to see a huge skeleton crammed into a 10'x10' room, in the middle of the room is the shattered but complete skeleton of a man holding a device in his hand. If anyone has the necessary knowledge, the huge skeleton can be identified as a dragon.
Afterthought: It would be down to the GM as to the specifics of the device, how many charges are on it, whether it still works, how it is triggered etc. The device itself summons the dragon immediately and permanently (or else the man would have left the room before it arrived, and the dragon would no longer be in the room if not permanent) so I would suggest the the device not confer any control over the dragon to the user, which in itself could be a second nasty surprise for them.
You could add the bodies of several attackers which had prompted the human to use his new found device in self defense, perhaps not knowing what it actually did.
Solution: The device in the humans hand is actually a device which summons a dragon. The human made a mistake in using it in a confined space and was crushed by the dragon, which itself died, unable to move in such a small space. This isn't really a trap as such, more a puzzle, a wary character would walk through this situation without any troubles.

51. Look Up

The players come across a bottle with a message in it. The message says look up. Players who fail to think of the consequences for their actions will be harmed in some way - when they look up, various bad things can happen. An archer suspended from the cieling fires off a called shot head; or a trap with a three second delay goes off, hitting the player in the face (rock, goo, mother-in-law, ect.); a beast is dropped from above.
Afterthought: Could very well kill most wounded or low level characters. Mainly the curious ones. Also a good strategy for setting amushes.

52. Fighters' Nightmare

Behind a heavy, locked, and possibly trapped door is giant stone pit (100' x 100'). There is a series of holes cut into the wall directly underneat the door which forms a crude ladder. In the center of the room sits a pedestal with a huge gem atop it (or maybe it's a book on a wooden pedestal, or an ancient skeleton wrapped in a cloak sitting on an ivory throne--anything non-metal that whets the party's interest). Of course the fun begins when a character tries to move the gem (or whatever). At that point secret doors on the four walls open and four (or more) ravenously hungry rust monsters come running out. They are unable to climb out of the pit, but they should be able to ruin the day of any fighter in the pit when the doors open.
Afterthought: The treasure in the center of the room is trapped, casting a powerful paralyze spell as soon as it is touched. The treasure might also be worthless.
Solution: Use telekenesis to move the treasure. Of course spells may not work in the room. In that case, only one party member needs to enter the pit, then only his armor and weapons get destroyed. Of course a party who sends its members off on its own (even when all members are still in sight of each other) is more likely to be split up.

53. The Gargoyle Trap

The character's enter a room, with gargoyle statues lined along the walls. One of the characters steps on a trigger device, activating the trap. The doors suddenly shut and the gargoyle statues open their mouths, spitting streams of water into the room. The room begins to flood.
Afterthought: Attempting to destroy the statues only results to a pile of rubble, and a spout that continues to fill the room. Attempting to plug this spout is futile, becuase the pressure is too strong (and there are several other spouts filling the room as well).
Solution: A simple search, DC 20 will reveal a trap door, upon opening this trap door, all the water goes in it and the room is dry again, but how the hell do we get out of the room???

54. Snake Room

The players enter a room with a pedestal in the center, and lots of circular holes in the walls and roof, in the pedestal lies a gem, more specificaly a giant diamond worth 5,000 gp. the pedestal is in the center of a pentagram in the floor. When the characters grab the gem nothing happens, but when they remove it from the pentagram, the doors shut, and from the holes fall hundreds of snakes.
Afterthought: Snakes are weak, and there is an antitoxin in the next room, but they can't continue until they have killed all of the snakes.

Poison: Fort Save DC 22
Initial Damage: 1D6 Constitution (temporary)
Secondary Damage: 2D6 Constitution (temporary)

55. Perspective's End

A long hallway of about twenty feet which ends with a doorway. The doorway is actually an illusion and merely a wall. The hallway may start at about 10' x 10', but it grows smaller. The look of it gives the illusion of perspective when moving down the hallway, but instead of looking as if it gets smaller (as all hallways do), it truly does get smaller. At the end, the hallway is 3' x 3'.
Afterthought: This might lead heroes to an untimely end if being pursued, the hallway cramming them into a small space for an easy mark.

56. Clone Wars

You and your party walk into a room filled with mirrors. Suddenly, you hear an evil laugh as the images upon the mirrors come to life! Now there are "clones" for every character. This fight will not be easy, since you can not tell the differnce between the real character and the clone.
Afterthought: The clones have the same looks and powers of their "look-a-like", and even some of the same habit raits. Characters may have more than one clone. That is, if your really up for a challenge. (clones have a rank total of 20 bluff)
Solution: You may make a charisma/bluff check to see if it's your friend or foe.

57. Wall Of Illusion

When you and your party walks through a certain doorway, you are immediatly teleported to the entrance of the dungeon.
Afterthought: If you go back to that doorway a second time, the door will not be there. In it's place will be a solid wall. If a player walks through the wall (it's just an illusion anyway) they will NOT be transported to the dungeon entrance ... instead, they will enter a room containing some treasure.
Solution: Travel back through the dungeon.


Lying in the middle of the dark hall lies a corpse. Next to the corpse are two empty pouches and a journal rests in its arms. The journal is written in an ancient elven language. The journal reads, "I write quickly, for he is coming. The ghost will not take me withour a fight. However, I fear I am lost. I have found it's only weakness, but lack the compo..." it's cut off with dark red blood stains.
Solution: Make a check to see if you can read the text beneath the blood stains (Read DC 15 - Elf Lang). Success makes out the word "components." The party may decipher that a spell needs to be cast ("components" is the first hint. The empty pouches are a second hint). An intelligence check at this point may lead to the following. "The person had found this ghosts weakness - magic. Unfortunately for this individual, he had no spell components left and died in his fight."

59. Maxa & Nora

You enter a room and there is a door on the other side of the room with a statue on either side of it. One a Man and the other, a woman. The door you just entered seals shut. The two statues start to speak. "On the other side of this door is ... (whatever) ... all you have to do is guess our puzzle. From this point on only one of us will speak at a time, you have to figure out why. Ask us any question you want except, the answer to our puzzle" With that they are quiet and wait for a question. (Question 1) Is it that only one tells a lie and one will only tell the truth? Maxa answers "No." (Question 2) Will we die here if we don't figure this out correctly? Nora answers, "Yes." (Question 3) Why were you placed here? Nora answers, "To guard this door." (Question 4) Is there another way around this? Maxa answers, "No."
Afterthought: This drove a party nuts for two gaming sessions. DMs use this puzzle with care.
Solution: Maxa will talk only if the first letter of the first word in the sentence starts with the letters 'A' thru 'M'. Nora will only speak if the first letter of the first word in the sentence begins with a letter from 'N' thru 'Z'.

60. Key Rings

In a tray are about 100 rings, all cheap looking. There is no door in this room after you enter, only a like large keyhole on the far wall. (Thieves who might want to try and pick the lock need make a DC 60 or be put to sleep for 24 hours - unwakable sleep). Also in the room is a foot long tapered stick. Hmmm, what to do ... A more thorough (sp?) search of the ring tray reveals that 7 of the rings aren't just gold or silver bands, but have different jewels on them.
Afterthought: This is a good puzzle to start off a puzzled themed adventure, it gets players into a mindset that will help them solve puzzles.
Solution: The rings are of different sizes, and will fit on the stick in a specific order. Then you can take your key ring (or your stick of rings) and open the lock, which reveals an exit.
Page: 1234