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Books/Resources : Mongoose Publishing : The Quintessential Rogue

The Quintessential Rogue

Publisher: Mongoose Publishing
ID: [MGP4002]
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The second in Mongoose Publishing's acclaimed series of class books, The Quintessential Rogue provides a wealth of new options and rules anyone player who loves playing a more subtle character. In previous editions of the game, rogues occupied a narrow niche as thieves, burglars, or footpads. Now, with the advent of the d20 system, the rogue covers a huge array of spies, scouts, explorers, and other exciting new roles. The Quintessential Rogue examines this new definition of rogues in detail.

Weighing in at 128 pages, The Quintessential Rogue is crammed with new options, new rules, and exciting new twists to existing game mechanics.

The Collector's Series is set to grow into a highly attractive and sought after series, with each volume taking an in-depth look at a different character class, building upon the possibilities each has to bring a new dimension to the game for any player. Far more than a mere collection of new prestige classes, The Collector's Series will open the horizons for any character, from 1st level to 20th and beyond.

Inside You Will Find:

Character Concepts:
A Rogue is far more than a sneaky, greedy robber. Through the use of the templates provided within Character Concepts, a player can give his Rogue an entire history and personality quickly and easily.

Law and Order:
No matter what his nature, a Rogue needs to keep an eye on the law. Find rules on summarising the local guard in a simple stat block and learn how to determine just how far the arm of the law reaches.

Tricks of the Trade:
Skills are the Rogue's lifeblood. Learn how to take what you know and apply it in completely different ways. All of the Rogue class skills are broken down and given new uses.

The Prestige Rogue:
No two Rogues are alike. The Crusading Footpad strikes evil where it hurts: right in the wallet. The Executioner flits in and out of the tightest guarded fortresses, leaving a trail of victims in his wake whilst the Vigilante takes the law into his own hands.

Tools of the Trade:
A Rogue's quick wit and fast feet are enough to get him out of most spots, but when that fails he needs the weapons, armour, and new items detailed here.

From the fearless spy to the most successful criminal, every Rogue needs a place where he can lay low. Hire a wizard to cast some illusions on your home. Establish a hidden base in the city sewers. Invest in a simple cottage that doubles as a stout fortress. Learn how to keep your enemies from trailing you back home.

A Rogue's name is one of his best weapons. His reputation precedes him and smoothes many bumps in his road. Catch a bad rep? No problem. Don a mask, invent an alias, and start all over again. By day, you're an upstanding noble. By night, you're the Rooftop Bandit, terror of the noble quarter.

Laws of the Night:
While the town guard patrols the streets by day, the thieves guild keeps their watch at night. Learn just what thieves do to those who try to muscle in on their turf. Rules cover how to determine how aggressive and tough the local rogues are and allow you to summarise them within a simple stat block.

Thieves Guilds and Other Organisations of Ill Repute:
Surround yourself with eager underlings and like-minded allies. Expand your operations to cover a wide range of new opportunities. Why rob a single house when you can shake down an entire neighbourhood for protection money? Extend your Rogue's capabilities and establish him as an important power player in the local scene. Not a rogue? Then learn how to establish your own spy ring, assassin's brotherhood, outlaw band, or any other organisation that works beneath the prying eye of the law.


Feat Name
Agonising Strike Rogue
Arcane Expert General
Arcane Sensitivity General
Back Alley Brawler Rogue
Blinding Strike Rogue
Clever Designer Rogue
Contacts Rogue
Contemptible Target General
Craft Matrix Rogue
Devious Alchemy Rogue
Expert Climber General
Eye For Quality General
Fiendish Designer Rogue
Guildmaster Rogue
Hair Trigger Reflexes General
Lightning Grab Rogue
Low Key General
Painful Strike Rogue
Poison Craftsman General
Poison Reaper General
Riposte General
Speedy Trapper Rogue
Splintering Strike Rogue
Torturer General
Trapmaster Rogue
Wall Fighter Rogue
Wounding Strike Rogue



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