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The Thieve's Guild is an online resource for role playing games, specifically tailored to Dungeons & Dragons. Players will appreciate our comprehensive and easily searchable spell list (including the ability to print your own spell cards), and a complete list of official feats.

We also have many tools that will make a dungeon master's life easier, including an online loot and harvesting guide for monsters, which generates individual loot, horde loot, trinkets and more. There is a complete database of gods and demigods, detailing everything from types of worshippers, rituals, temples, vestments and more. We also have a complete equipment list, and a useful section full of shops and vendors.

What would you like added to this site?

Do you have a resource that you need for your campaign? Do you have an idea on how to make this site better? We are always looking to add new pages to this site. Send us a message and let us know!

RECENT UPDATES: Added some Magic Items (Planescape; Glory of the Giants), Bhaal added to Gods section, Law & Punishment, Tavern Menu Generator, Downtime Activites (Gambling, Pit Fighting, Crafting Items, Buying Magic Items, Scribing Scrolls, Carousing, Etc.)

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An easily searchable database of 5e spells for all classes, with printable spell cards.

D&D Harvesting and Loot


A guide to looting and harvesting creatures. Featuring individual loot, hordes, harvesting, carried items and trinkets

Shops and Vendors and their Items


Tables for individual shops, like blacksmiths and tailors. Easily searchable, including item prices and weights

NPC Generator for D&D

npc Generator

Quickly generator NPCs for your D&D campaign. Options to create NPCs by race, classe or professions.

Fantasy Tavern Generator for D&D with a menu and npcs


A complete fantasy tavern generator, complete with names, descriptions, npcs and a full menu with prices.

Gods and Demigods of Dungeons and Dragons


A large database of gods featured in many D&D modules. Includes detailed histories and associated images.

Tables and Dungeon Master Quick References


A large collection of useful DM generators and tables that are easily searchable when you need to find something quick.

5th Edition Magic Spells

Magic Items

An easily searchable database of 5e magic items, including estimated prices.

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