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Adventurer's Shop

A typical adventurer shop, usually located near monster infested areas and dungeons. They carry the standard supplies, including rations, torches, oil, sacks, useful tools and some basic weapons and armor.

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Alchemist's Shop

Potions, oils, poisons and other useful alchemist supplies. Smaller provincial alchemists tend to be local healers, while larger shops deal in rare ingredients and carry a variety of magical potion.

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A blacksmith uses a burning hot forge to soften iron and steel, and pound it into shape using a hammer and anvil. They craft simple items like horseshoes and lanterns, and complex items like sharp weapons and detailed armor.

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A bookstore is an archive of information. Most contain a variety of books, on a variety of subjects. Each book is usually copied by hand, and are either hard or soft covered. They also carry spellbooks and journals.

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Bowyer - Fletcher Shop

A bowyer creates short and longbows, and fletches arrows and bolts. More complex shops feature complex mechanical crossbows. Most hunting communities, garrisons and large cities have at least one bowyer.

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Inn - Tavern

Simple taverns offer basic food and drink, but larger establishments offer a variety of items. Inns often have several rooms available, and each inn or tavern may cater to a different caliber of clientele.

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Jeweler - Gemcutter Shop

Jewelers are known for selling rings, braclets, earrings, amulets and other assorted jewelry. While gemcutters take rough mined stones, and meticulously carve, cut and polish them into faceted gems.

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Leather Worker

Most leatherworkers are proficient tanners, creating durable leather from animal hides and pelts. They design, create and restore items made from leather, including clothing, accessories, certain weapons and more.

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Magic Item Dealer

Magic item dealers & collectors may be found throughout the kingdom. They may offer a variety of magic items, and may even have information on where to fing legendary items. A randomly generated inventory of magic items.

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Mundane Arcane Shop

Arcane magic shops cater to the magical community, especially wizards, sorcerers and warlocks. They tend to carry mundane items like spell components, scrolls & scribing materials. For magic item shops, click here

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Music - Games Shop

Music shops can contain a variety of instruments, or specialize in a select few. These shops often work closely with blacksmith and woodworkers. Some recreational shops offer games, including dice & cards.

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Shady - Illicit Goods

Some cities contain secret shops or fences that specifically cater to rogues and scoundrels. These shops often sell illegal and forbidden items. Some items include poisons, lock picks, disguise kits and more.

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Tailor Shop

A tailor makes clothing and accessories from a variety of fabrics, such as cotton, hemp and silk. While a tailor makes the apparel, some shops staff weavers that create the individual fabrics.

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Temple Services

A holy temple often provides goods and services to the community. They sometimes sell holy water, healing services, and other items. Some of these items are free (depending on the deity the temple serves)

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