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Due to the amount of rules in Dungeons and Dragons, players and DMs can get overwhelmed. Scanning through pages and pages of material can be taxing and time consuming, and is not condusive to table-top game play. Because of the difficulty to find certain items, we created this page as a quick reference guide. This page contains the explanation of core rules, and offers DMs some quick generators and tables. Some popular topics include carrying capacity, jumping distances, food and water needs, etc.

To quickly find something, enter a keyword into the search field below. As you type, only relevant links will be shown (filtering out text that doesn't match your keywords). Try and use only general terms. For example, if you are looking the description of the unconscious condition, just type "condition". If you are looking for how far a creature can jump, just type, "jump".

Are we missing something important? Is there a piece of D&D information that you are always looking up? Send us a message and let us know, and we will try to add it to this seciton.

Ability Score Modifiers
[modifiers to str, dex, con, wis, int, cha]
Art Objects (25gp)
[random art objects worth 25gp]
Art Objects (250gp)
[random art objects worth 250gp]
Art Objects (750gp)
[random art objects worth 750gp]
Art Objects (2,500gp)
[random art objects worth 2,500gp]
Art Objects (7,500gp)
[random art objects worth 7,500gp]
Book Names (d100)
[random book names, library, archive]
Business Profits
[profits from player owned businesses]
Character Advancement
[experience (XP) & Leveling]
[conditions and their effects]
Container Capacity
[how much can a bag/sack/barrel hold?]
[action, reaction, bonus action + more]
Cover and Concealment
[obstructing attacks using environment]
Carrying Capacity
[how much a character can carry; encumbrance]
Drow Name Generator
[drow names and their meaning]
Dwarven Names (Realistic)
[dwarf names, like Arik Bhelnom]
Dwarven Names (Descriptive)
[dwarf names, like Arik Battlestorm]
Elven Name Generator
[randomly generated elf/elven names]
Equipment - Adventuring
[supplies and goods; prices/weight]
Equipment - Animals
[animals & mounts; prices/weight]
Equipment - Armor
[armor & shields; prices/weight]
Equipment - Food/Drinks
[food, drinks; prices/weight]
Equipment - Services
[messengers, coaches; prices/weight]
Equipment - Ships
[waterborne vessels, boats; prices/weight]
Equipment - Tack/Harness
[saddles, wagons, carts; prices/weight]
Equipment - Tools
[tools, tradesmen kits; prices/weight]
Equipment - Trade Goods
[spices, metal, fabric; prices/weight]
Equipment - Weapons
[ranged, melee, martial; prices/weight]
[effects of the exhaustion condition]
Familiars (standard)
[find familiar beasts]
Familiars, Warlock
[find familiar beasts for warlocks]
[skills & abilities outside classes]
Food & Water Needs
[eating, drinking, survival, rations]
Gems (10gp)
[gems and prescious stone worth 10gp]
Gems (50gp)
[gems and prescious stone worth 50gp]
Gems (100gp)
[gems and prescious stone worth 100gp]
Gems (500gp)
[gems and prescious stone worth 500gp]
Gems (1,000gp)
[gems and prescious stone worth 1,000gp]
Gems (5,000gp)
[gems and prescious stone worth 5,000gp]
Gnome Name Generator
[random generated gnome names]
Halfling Name Generator
[halfling first and last names]
Improvising Damage
[falling rocks, lava, & non-standard dmg]
Lifestyle Expenses
[living expenses, be it poor or wealthy]
Light and Vision
[light sources; torches, lanterns, spells]
Language List
[common and exotic languages]
Magic Items
[large list of magic items]
Miliatry Ranks - Airforce
[military ranks for airforce]
Miliatry Ranks - Army
[military ranks for army and land]
Miliatry Ranks - Navy
[military ranks for navy and ships]
Mounted Combat
[Riding Mounts (Horses, etc.)]
Moving (Jump, Climb, Swim)
[Modifiers for non-standard movement]
Noble Titles
[hierarchy of nobility titles]
NPC Generator
[Roll for Random NPCs]
Objects, Doors & Walls
[AC & HP for objects, doors and walls]
Orc Name Generator
[orc names, titles and clans]
Pickpocket Loot
[Small items and knick-knacks in pockets]
Polymorph / Wild Shape
[polymorph beasts, druid shapechange]
Selling Magic Items
[Finding sellers & a getting offers]
Shop, Adventurer
[adventuring supplies; store prices/weight]
Shop, Arcane/Mundane
[magic supplies; arcane prices/weight]
Shop, Blacksmith
[Metalworking items; metal prices/weight]
Shop, Bookstore
[bookstore; book prices/weight]
Shop, Bowyer/Fletcher
[bow & arrows, crossbows; prices/weight]
Shop, General Store
[trader shop; general goods prices/weight]
Shop, Inn / Tavern
[tavern menus and room prices]
Shop, Jewelry Store
[jeweler & gem cutter; precious stones]
Shop, Leatherworker
[leather goods, bags; prices/weight]
Shop, Magic Items
[magic item dealers/random rolled items]
Shop, Music/Games
[instruments, cards, games; prices/weight]
Shop, Alchemist
[potions, brews; prices/weight]
Shop, Fence
[shady, illicit goods; prices/weight]
Shop, Tailor
[tailor, cloth, fabric goods; prices/weight]
Shop, Temple
[holy goods, cures & healing; prices/weight]
Shop, Vendor Stalls
[small merchants, traders; prices/weight]
[A complete spell list]
Stronghold Structures
[Premade structures with maintenance]
Stronghold Parts
[build structures room by room]
Stronghold Staff
[staff and mercenaries in strongholds]
Stronghold Walls
[freestanding and structure wall materials]
Tavern Names, Random (d100)
[random inn & tavern generator]
Town/City Names, Random
[random town and city name generator]
Mixed Treasure Generator
[convert a value into gems, art and coins]
Tracking & Foraging
[tracking & foraging for food & ingred.]
Traps, Random (d100)
[random trap generator]
Trap Saves & Attack Bonuses
[trap saves, bonuses, severity, examples]
Travel & Pace
[map movement and travel time]
Treasure Hoard Table A
[generator & table for hoard loot]
Treasure Hoard Table B
[generator & table for hoard loot]
Treasure Hoard Table C
[generator & table for hoard loot]
Treasure Hoard Table D
[generator & table for hoard loot]
Treasure Individual Table A
[generator & table for indiv. loot]
Treasure Individual Table B
[generator & table for indiv. loot]
Treasure Individual Table C
[generator & table for indiv. loot]
Treasure Individual Table D
[generator & table for indiv. loot]
Trinkets (d100) Roller
[roll a random trinket]
Trinkets (d1200) Roller
[roll a random trinket from a large list]
Trinkets (Magical) Gen
[magical trinkets & mundane magic]
Vision Abilities
[darkvision, true sight, blind-sight]
[starting & random changes]
Weather (by season)
[changes in weather, by season]
Wild Magic Surge
[sorcerer wild magic surges]
Wilderness Navigation
[DC check to navigate & not get lost]

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