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Books/Resources : TSR/Wizards of the Coast : Epic Level Handbook

Epic Level Handbook

Publisher: TSR/Wizards of the Coast
ID: [TSR88169]
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With complete information for epic-level character building, spellcasting, monsters, skills, feats, and more, the Epic Level Handbook ensures that gamers can continue playing almost indefinitely.


Feat Name
Additional Magic Item Space Epic
Armor Skin Epic
Augmented Alchemy Epic
Automatic Quicken Spell Epic
Automatic Silent Spell Epic
Automatic Still Spell Epic
Bane of Enemies Epic
Beast Companion Wild, Epic
Beast Wild Shape Wild, Epic
Blinding Speed Epic
Bonus Domain Epic
Bulwark of Defense Epic
Chaotic Rage Chaos, Epic
Colassal Wild Shape Wild, Epic
Combat Archery Epic
Craft Epic Magic Arms and Armor Item Creation, Epic
Craft Epic Rod Item Creation, Epic
Craft Epic Staff Item Creation, Epic
Craft Epic Wondrous Item Item Creation, Epic
Damage Reduction Epic
Deafening Song Epic
Death of Enemies Epic
Devastating Critical Epic
Dextrous Fortitude Epic
Dextrous Will Epic
Diminutive Wild Shape Wild, Epic
Dire Charge Epic
Distant Shot Epic
Dragon Wild Shape Wild, Epic
Efficient Item Creation Epic
Energy Resistance Epic
Enhance Spell Metamagic, Epic
Epic Dodge Epic
Epic Endurance Epic
Epic Fortitude Epic
Epic Inspiration Epic
Epic Leadership Epic
Epic Prowess Epic
Epic Reflexes Epic
Epic Reputation Epic
Epic Skill Focus Epic
Epic Speed Epic
Epic Spell Focus Epic
Epic Spell Penetration Epic
Epic Spellcasting Epic
Epic Toughness Epic
Epic Weapon Focus Epic
Epic Weapon Specialization Epic
Epic Will Epic
Exceptional Deflection Epic
Extended Life Span Epic
Familiar Spell Epic
Fast Healing Epic
Fine Wild Shape Wild, Epic
Forge Epic Ring Item Creation, Epic
Gargantuan Wild Shape Wild, Epic
Great Charisma Epic
Great Constitution Epic
Great Dexterity Epic
Great Inspiration Epic
Great Intelligence Epic
Great Smiting Epic
Great Strength Epic
Great Wisdom Epic
Greater Multi-Weapons Fighting General
Greater Two-Weapon Fighting General
Hindering Song Epic
Holy Strike Epic
Ignore Material Components Epic
Improved Alignment-Based Casting Epic
Improved Arrow of Death Epic
Improved Aura of Courage Epic
Improved Aura of Despair Epic
Improved Combar Reflexes Epic
Improved Combat Casting Epic
Improved Counterspell General
Improved Darkvision Epic
Improved Death Attack Epic
Improved Elemental Wild Shape Wild, Epic
Improved Favored Enemy Epic
Improved Flyby Attack General
Improved Heighten Spell Epic
Improved Ki Strike Monk, Epic
Improved Low-light Vision General, Epic
Improved Manifestation Epic
Improved Manyshot Epic
Improved Metamagic Epic
Improved Multiattack General
Improved Multiweapon Fighting General
Improved Sneak Attack General, Epic
Improved Spell Capacity Epic
Improved Spell Resistance Epic
Improved Stunning Fist Epic
Improved Whirlwind Attack Epic
Incite Rage Epic
Infinate Deflection Epic
Inspire Excellence Epic
Instant Reload Epic
Intensify Spell Metamagic, Epic
Keen Strike Epic
Lasting Inspiration Epic
Legendary Climber Epic
Legendary Commander Epic
Legendary Leaper Epic
Legendary Rider Epic
Legendary Tracker Epic
Legendary Wrestler Epic
Lingering Damage Epic
Magical Beast Wild Shape Wild, Epic
Manyshot General
Master Staff Epic
Master Wand Epic
Mighty Rage Epic
Mobile Defense Epic
Multispell Metamagic, Epic
Multiweapon Rend Epic
Music of the Gods Epic
Negative Energy Burst Divine, Epic
Overwhelming Critical Epic
Penetrate Damage Reduction Epic
Perfect Health Epic
Perfect Multiweapon Fighting Epic
Perfect Two-Weapon Fighting Epic
Permanent Emanation Epic
Planar Turning Epic
Plant Wild Shape Wild, Epic
Polyglot Epic
Positive Energy Aura Epic
Ranged Inspiration Epic
Rapid Inspiration Epic
Rapid Reload General
Reactive Countersong Epic
Reflect Arrows Epic
Righteous Strike Epic
Ruinous Rage Epic
Scribe Epic Scroll Item Creation, Epic
Self-Concealment Epic
Shattering Strike Epic
Sneak Attack of Opportunity Epic
Spectral Strike Epic
Spell Knowledge Epic
Spell Opportunity Epic
Spell Stowaway Epic
Spellcasting Harrier Epic
Spontaneous Domain Access Epic
Spontaneous Spell Epic
Storm of Throws Epic
Superior Initiative Epic
Swarm of Arrows Epic
Tenacious Magic Metamagic, Epic
Terrifying Rage Epic
Thundering Rage Epic
Trap Sense Epic
Two-Weapon Rend Epic
Uncanny Accuracy Epic
Undead Mastery Divine, Epic
Unholy Strike Epic
Vermin Wild Shape Wild, Epic
Vorpal Strike Epic
Widen Aura of Courage Epic
Widen Aura of Despair Epic



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