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Books/Resources : Mongoose Publishing : The Slayer's Guide to Sahuagin

The Slayer's Guide to Sahuagin

Publisher: Mongoose Publishing
ID: [MGP0006]
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For those that live far from the sea the sahuagin are unknowable creatures of the deep, used by parents as bedtime cautions to wilful children. Or perhaps they are told of around the campfires by adventurers, their tongues and imaginations loosened by mead, in electrifying deeds of bravado. These deeds are the product of an alert mind and an ear for a good story, for few away from the gentle lapping of the briny sea have ever met, let alone bested, the sahuagin and lived to tell such a rollicking tale.

What we really know about the sahuagin must be forever limited because they live in the depths of the ocean and we cannot reach their domain without magical assistance. The creatures of the deep, our friends such as the aquatic elves, are similarly limited in what they can learn because the two share such hatred of one another, preventing anything more than the briefest of observations usually before blood must be spilt.

Yet we must come to understand them. The world is more composed of their realm than it is ours. They rule a domain that dwarfs ours, and they have demonstrated throughout the centuries that they hold us in complete contempt.

In an effort to find out more about the sea devils, I enlisted the advice of an ancient holy man, a Tohunga, of an Island tribe. This revered adventurer came to these civilised lands to learn about the world but we can learn just as much from him. His tribe, and most of the peoples of the world who are within a short distance of the sea, must constantly face these creatures. Indeed, his own tribe treat them as their primary enemy, the warriors adorning themselves with intricate tattoos to mark each encounter they survive.

His comments and advice on the sahuagin, or the ponaturi in his own language, form the text of this tome, a work that may disappoint the academics who seek to know but not those adventurers who seek to understand.

Incorporating the sahuagin into your campaign will mean your players should have a close relationship with the sea and there is every chance that the sahuagin will be the major foe the characters will meet. These monsters dwell in a light-less and airless place, hating all terrestrial life (and much of the sea life as well), and continually plotting to attack, destroy and eat those they meet.

Within this supplement you will find a description not only of their physiology and methods of attack, but also a complete break down on their social and military structures. Most importantly you will find an analysis of their religion, for it is this that drives the sahuagin, shaping their world, outlook and behaviour.

Make no mistake: there can be no friendship with these denizens of the deep. There can be no negotiations. Every encounter with them will result in battle.

Inside You Will Find:

Sahuagin Physiology:
Discover the sahuagin's amazing natural senses and their ability to track blood scent through over a mile of ocean. Great concentrations of blood in the water drive them into an unstoppable frenzy that lays waste to their enemies.

Delve deep into the sea to find an entire kingdom hidden from the eyes of the surface-dwellers.

Sahuagin Society:
Never before seen information on how the sea devils endure day-to-day life. The religion of the sahuagin drives their culture and society, arranged into an unholy trinity dedicated to the annihilation of all life but their own. Here you will find full details on the sahuagin Royal Guard and High Priestess prestige classes.

Methods of Warfare:
Though crippled by exposure to air, sahuagin are nevertheless a lethal enemy, able to lay waste to entire coastal settlements. Beneath the waves, they are truly without equal.

Role-Playing with Sahuagin:
Games Masters are provided with complete information on who to portray sahuagin within their campaign, in a way players will never forget.

Scenario Hooks & Ideas:
A series of jumping points to introduce sahuagin into a campaign, in a manner that reflects their unique way of life and style of fighting.

Sahuagin Village:
A complete lair for sahuagin - a small part of an immense undersea kingdom, but a place lethal to any surface-dweller.



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