A d100 table and random generator for rolling traps for D&D 5e.
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Random Traps (d100)

Glyph of warding
Random Roll: d100 = 42

Random Trap

Below is a list of traps (the trap "trigger" is up to the DM). Because trap damage should be based on character levels, to avoid TPKs (total party kills), use the Damage Severity table at the bottom of this page to determine damage.

d100 Trinket
1-4 Trinket:  Magic missles shoot from a statue, object, or wall
5-7 Trinket:  Collapsing staircase creates a ramp that deposits characters into a pit at its lower end
8-10 Trinket:  A stone block falls from the ceiling
11-12 Trinket:  The room locks and the ceiling slowly lowers
13-14 Trinket:  Chute opens in floor
15-16 Trinket:  Clanging noise attracts nearby monsters
17-19 Trinket:  Touching an object triggers a disintegrate spell
20-23 Trinket:  Door or other object is coated with contact poison
24-27 Trinket:  Fire shoots out from wall, floor, or object
28-30 Trinket:  Touching an object triggers a flesh to stone spell
31-33 Trinket:  Floor collapses or is an illusion
34-36 Trinket:  Vent releases gas: blinding, acidic, obscuring, paralyzing, poisonous, or sleep-inducing
37-39 Trinket:  Floor tiles are electrified
40-43 Trinket:  Glyph of warding
44-46 Trinket:  Huge wheeled statue rolls down corridor
47-49 Trinket:  Lightning bolt shoots from wall or object
50-52 Trinket:  Locked room floods with water or acid
53-56 Trinket:  Darts shoot out of an opened chest
57-59 Trinket:  A weapon, suit of armor, or rug animates and attacks when touched (see "Animated Objects" in the Monster Manual)
60-62 Trinket:  Pendulum, either bladed or weighted as a maul, swings across the room or hall
63-67 Trinket:  Hidden pit opens beneath characters (25 percent chance that a black pudding or gelatinous cube fills the bottom of the pit)
68-70 Trinket:  Hidden pit floods with acid or fire
71-73 Trinket:  Pit opens (swallowing the target) and then quickly locks shut, and then floods with water
74-77 Trinket:  Scything blade emerges from wall or object
78-81 Trinket:  Spears (possibly poisoned) spring out
82-84 Trinket:  Brittle stairs collapse over spikes
85-88 Trinket:  Thunderwave knocks characters into a pit or spikes
89-91 Trinket:  Steel or stone jaws restrain a character
92-94 Trinket:  Stone block smashes across hallway
95-97 Trinket:  Symbol
98-100 Trinket:  Walls slide together

Damage Severity by Level

When creating traps, it is important to keep the trap balanced with the party's level, otherwise a single trap may be able to wipe out an entire group, ending the adventure fairly quickly. Below is a chart that should be used as a guideline for creating traps. Return to page top

Character Level Setback Dangerous Deadly
1st-4th Setback:  1d10 Dangerous:  2d10 Deadly:  4d10
5th-10th Setback:  2d10 Dangerous:  4d10 Deadly:  10d10
11th-16th Setback:  4d10 Dangerous:  10d10 Deadly:  18d10
17th-20h Setback:  10d10 Dangerous:  18d10 Deadly:  24d10

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