A random treasure generator for getting loot that isn't just gold, but also art and gems, for use in AD&D.
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Total Value
Approx % Objects:*
Approx % Gems:*

# of Items:
# of Gems:

6,272 gp, 179 sp, 90 cp

an ornamental white-gold shortsword with a smooth amber on the pommel (1,200 gp)
a gilded white-gold music box set with flawless azurites (1,200 gp)
a gold-plated goblet with tungsten etchings (1,200 gp)
a carved amber game board with steel game pieces (4,000 gp)
a superb suede tapestry of a prowling tiger (4,000 gp)

3 flawless agates (2,500 gp each)
4 topazes (1,200 gp each)

* Once selecting the % gems and the % items, the remaining % will be in gold. If over 100%, the % will be adjusted. The value of the items are rounded, so the total may not add up to the exact percentage (otherwise you would have a gem worth 281gp instead of 250gp).
† Objects are valued based on their materials (an object made from mithral will cost much more than an object made from copper).
‡ Gems are based on the prices in the DMG, but the prices fluctuate based on the gem's quality (i.e. a rough gem would be worth less than a perfect gem).

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