About the Thieves Guild - A site full of AD&D Resources

About this Site

What is the Guild

The Thieves Guild houses a collection of information and material that can be used in various role playing games, mainly Dungeons & Dragons. The website has a lists of deities (both historical and realistic), spells, equipment, and other items that are used in the games.

What this site is not

While this site is called "The Thieves Guild" - we are not an actual guild. We do not perform illegal activities, nor do we recommend that other do so. You can not "join" this guild. We are a resource for gamers, many of whom play rogue-like characters in their campaigns.


QUESTION: Can I join the guild?
ANSWER: No. It's not that we don't want you. We just aren't an actual guild. We are an online resource for role playing gamers and storytellers.

QUESTION: Can I submit something to your site?
ANSWER: Absolutely. Submissions can be sent to us via our submission page. Or you can contact us if you want to send us a link or a message.

QUESTION: What is Dungeons & Dragons?
ANSWER: We have a page dedicated to explaining what D&D is.

QUESTION: Do I need a thief character to use your site? / Do I need to be a thief?
ANSWER: No, anyone is free to use our website. The site is a collection of resources meant for everyone. While there is some content directly relating to thieves, many other gamers will benefit from the knowledge on this site.

QUESTION: What version of D&D do you use?
ANSWER: This site contains a collection of material that can be used with any version of D&D and many other role playing games. Most of the content on this website is primarily used for 5e, but the content is easily adaptable for earlier versions.

QUESTION: Is this site only for D&D players?
ANSWER: The content of this website can be used with many role playing games. Most of the content is general information, and can be used and adapted for any game/campaign. While some of the content is based on D&D rules, they can easily be modified for other games if needed.

QUESTION: Do you allow copyrighted material on this site?
ANSWER: This site contains a large deal of original content and we do accept user submissions. If you are the creator of some original material, please submit it and grant us permission to use your material. However, because some submissions can't be verified, sometimes copyrighted material gets submitted and makes it's way onto the site. If you are the owner of any copyrighted material and want it removed from the website, please contact us with a link to the offending content.

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