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Religious Services

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Religion or Persuasion

Religious Services

A DM can allow a player to perform religious services during their downtime. A religious service can be anything from attending rites, proselytizing in the community or aiding the temple with various tasks (i.e. help construct a building, delivery goods to disciples, representing the church in certain matter). By performing these task, the character has a chance of winning the favor of the temples leaders. To perform religious services, a player needs...

  • Temple Access: Access to a temple whose beliefs and ethos align with the character's. Optionally, the DM may require that the character be in good standing with the temple.
  • 1 Workweek of Time: Religious services require 1 workweek of dedicated service.
No gold is required to perform religious services.

Religious Services Results

Check Total Result
1-10 Result:  Character has made a hostile contact.
11-20 Result:  You earn one favor.
21+ Result:  You earn two favors.

As defined by Xanathar's, "a favor, in broad terms, is a promise of future assistance from a representative of the temple." This is a broad definition, and is up to a DM for interpretation. The DM can use the following examples of favors, or create their own:

Favor Example
Provide guidance on a current quest (where to go, what they should look for, a contact to speak with)
Give directions, or a map of the current area.
Provide the players with an NPC contact for something they may need.
Give a low level clerical scroll
Give a healing potiion
Offer temple services at 50% off
Offer to get them a discount at a local vendor who shares the faith.
Give access to a protected area (an archive, a locked tomb, a meeting with a diplimat)
Give an omen, vision, or minor miracle

Religious Services Complication

Temples can be labyrinths of political and social scheming. Even the best-intentioned follower can fall prone to problems. For each workweek spent in religious service, there is a 10 percent chance of a complication. A DM can use the following table, or create their own.

d6 Complication
1 Complication:  You have offended a priest through your words or actions.
2 Complication:  Blasphemy is still blasphemy, even if you did it by accident.
3 Complication:  A secret sect in the temple offers you membership.
4 Complication:  Another temple tries to recruit you as a spy.
5 Complication:  The temple elders implore you to take up a holy quest.
6 Complication:  You accidentally discover that an important person in the temple is a fiend worshiper.
† Might involve a rival.

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