Lifestyle Costs is D&D fantasy worlds. Living poorly, or lavishly excessive.
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Lifestyle Costs

Whether living poorly, or lavishly excessive ... it costs money. Below is a table that outlines living costs for certain lifestyles in D&D fantasy worlds.

Lifestyle Cost/Day Cost/Week Cost/Month
Wretched Wretched Cost/Day:  -- Cost/Week:  -- Cost/Month:  --Details
A wretched lifestyle involved living in inhumane conditions. They live on the street, in abandoned structures, huddling in old crates, and relying on the good graces of people who are better off. A wretched lifestyle presents abundant dangers. Violence, disease, and hunger are always a concern. Other wretched people covet armor, weapons, and the equipment that most adventurer's carry (which represent a fortune by their standards). People in this lifestyle are beneath the notice of most people.
Squalid Squalid Cost/Day:  1 sp Cost/Week:  7 sp Cost/Month:  3 gpDetails
A squalid lifestyle can involve living in a mud-floored hut just outside town, or a vermin-infested boarding house in the worst part of town. Often sheltered from the elements, but still in a desperate and violent environment. Squalid living is rife with disease, hunger, and misfortune. The people of squalor are often beneath the notice of most people, and you have few legal protections. Most people at this lifestyle level have suffered some terrible setback. They might be disturbed, marked as exiles, or suffer from disease.
Poor Poor Cost/Day:  2 sp Cost/Week:  14 sp Cost/Month:  6 gpDetails
A poor lifestyle means going without the comforts available in a stable community. Simple food and lodgings, threadbare clothing, and unpredictable conditions result in a sufficient, though probably unpleasant, experience. Accommodations might be a room in a flophouse or in the common room above a Tavern. The poor have some legal protections, but still have to contend with violence, crime, and disease. People at this lifestyle level tend to be unskilled laborers, costermongers, peddlers, thieves, mercenaries, and other disreputable types.
Modest Modest Cost/Day:  1 gp Cost/Week:  7 gp Cost/Month:  28 gpDetails
A modest lifestyle affords people to live outside of the slums. They live in an older part of town, rent a room in a boarding house, inn, or temple. They don't go hungry or thirsty, and living conditions are clean, if simple. Ordinary people living modest lifestyles include soldiers with families, laborers, students, Priests, hedge wizards, and the like.
Comfortable Comfortable Cost/Day:  2 gp Cost/Week:  14 gp Cost/Month:  56 gpDetails
A comfortable lifestyle allows for nicer clothing and living in a small cottage in a middle-class neighborhood or in a private room at a fine inn. These people associate with merchants, skilled tradespeople, and military officers.
Wealthy Wealthy Cost/Day:  4 gp Cost/Week:  28 gp Cost/Month:  112 gpDetails
A wealthy lifestyle means living a life of luxury, though that doesn't necessarily mean acceptance among the old money of nobility or royalty. Wealthy people live comparable to that of a highly successful merchant, a favored servant of the royalty, or the owner of a few small Businesses. They have respectable lodgings, usually a spacious home in a good part of town or a comfortable suite at a fine inn. They are likely to have a small staff of servants.
Aristocratic Aristocratic Cost/Day:  10 gp minimum Cost/Week:  70 gp minimum Cost/Month:  280 gp minimumDetails
Aristocrats live a life of plenty and comfort. They move in circles populated by the most powerful people in the community. They have excellent lodgings, perhaps a townhouse in the nicest part of town or rooms in the finest inn. They dine at the best restaurants, retain the most skilled and fashionable tailor, and have servants attending their every need. They receive invitations to social gatherings of the rich and powerful, and spend evenings in the company of politicians, guild leaders, high Priests, and nobility. They must also contend with the highest levels of deceit and treachery. The wealthier a person is, the greater the chance they will be drawn into political intrigue as a pawn or participant.

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