Army Military Ranks and Titles for creating fantasy worlds in D&D 5e
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Army Military Ranks

Below are military ranks and insignias for the U.S. Army. This table should help when developing campaigns involving city guards and the military, especially for kingdoms at war.

Insignia Rank
No insignia Rank:  Private
Rank:  Private Second Class
Rank:  Private First Class
Rank:  Specialist
Rank:  Corporal
Rank:  Sergeant
Rank:  Staff Sergeant
Rank:  Sergeant First Class
Rank:  Master Sergeant
Rank:  First Sergeant
Rank:  Sergeant Major
Rank:  Command Sergeant Major
Rank:  Sergeant Major of the Army
Rank:  Second Lieutenant
Rank:  First Lieutenant
Rank:  Captain
Rank:  Major
Rank:  Lieutenant Colonel
Rank:  Colonel
Rank:  Brigadier General
Rank:  Major General
Rank:  Lieutenant General
Rank:  General
Rank:  General of the Army

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