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Navy Military Ranks and Titles for creating fantasy worlds in D&D 5e
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Navy Military Ranks

Below are military ranks and insignias for the U.S. Navy. This table should help when developing campaigns involving a kingdom's navy and ocean forces.

Insignia Rank
No insignia Rank:  Recruit
Rank:  Seaman Apprentice
Rank:  Seaman
Rank:  Petty Officer Third Class
Rank:  Petty Officer Second Class
Rank:  Petty Officer First Class
Rank:  Chief Petty Officer
Rank:  Senior Chief Petty Officer
Rank:  Master Chief Petty Officer
Rank:  Command Master Chief Petty Officer
Rank:  Master Chief Petty Officer Of The Navy
Rank:  Ensign
Rank:  Lieutenant Junior Grade
Rank:  Lieutenant
Rank:  Lieutenant Commander
Rank:  Commander
Rank:  Captain
Rank:  Rear Admiral Lower Half
Rank:  Rear Admiral
Rank:  Vice Admiral
Rank:  Admiral
Rank:  Fleet Admiral