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Travel and pace, especially across long distances, in D&D
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Travel and Pace

Travel and Pacing

Other movement penalties may apply, if the party has some movement restrictions (due to swimming, climbing, crawling and difficult terrain)

Pace Per Minute Per Hour Per Day
Fast Per Minute:  400 feet Per Hour:  4 miles Per Day:  30 miles
Normal Per Minute:  300 feet Per Hour:  3 miles Per Day:  24 miles
Slow Per Minute:  200 feet Per Hour:  2 miles Per Day:  18 miles

Travel (Map Pace)

Map Scale Slow Pace Normal Pace Fast Pace
(1 sq. = 10 ft.)
Slow Pace:  20 sq./min. Normal Pace:  30 sq./min. Fast Pace:  40 sq./min.
(1 sq. = 100 ft.)
Slow Pace:  2 sq./min. Normal Pace:  3 sq./min. Fast Pace:  4 sq./min.
(1 hex = 1 mi.)
Slow Pace:  2 hexes/hr.,
18 hexes/day
Normal Pace:  3 hexes/hr.,
24 hexes/day
Fast Pace:  4 hexes/hr.,
30 hexes/day
(1 hex = 6 mi.)
Slow Pace:  1 hex/ 3hr.,
3 hexes/day
Normal Pace:  1 hex/2 hr.,
4 hexes/day
Fast Pace:  1 hex/ 11/2 hr.,
5 hexes/day

Pace Modifiers

Movement Speed / Details
Difficult Terrain Difficult Terrain Speed / Details:  ½ speedDetails
Dense forests, deep swamps, rubble-filled ruins, steep mountains, ice-covered ground, etc.
Climbing Speed / Details:  ½ speed (¼ for difficult terrain)
Swimming Speed / Details:  ½ speed (¼ for difficult terrain)
Crawling Speed / Details:  ½ speed (¼ for difficult terrain)

Climbing, Swimming and Crawling are at half speed (quarter for difficult terrain). Might require Str (Athletic) or Dex (Acrobatics) checks.

Forced March: Traveling more than 8 hrs in day risks Exhaustion. Each character must make a Con save throw at the end of each additional hr. DC 10+1 for each hr past 8 hrs. On a failed save, a character suffers one level of Exhaustion.

Mounts: Double travel distance for one hour (or more if fresh mounts available every 10 miles).

Vehicles: Wagons and carriages move at normal pace. Waterborne vessel have their own speed, and don't suffer pace penalties/benefits. Depending on a vessel (and crew), ships may be able to travel 24 hours a day.

Activities While Traveling: Characters performing activities while traveling (such as navigating, drawing a map, tracking or foraging) do not get a Passive Perception check.


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