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Starting Weather

Starting Weather | Changing Weather

6 (Mod -2) Cold, Cloudy and Windy
7 (Mod -1) Rain
8 (No Mod) Thunderstorm
9 (Mod +1) Snow
10 (Mod +2) Heavy Snow/Blizzard
Random Roll: d8 = 8

Roll a 1d12 with a -1 or -2 modifier in especially hot climates, or a +1 or +2 modifier in particularly cold climates (DM discretion).

d8 + mod Weather
-1 Weather:  Extreme Heat/Wildfire
0 Weather:  Severe Heat/Humid
1 Weather:  Hot and Sunny
2 Weather:  Clear and Sunny
3 Weather:  Warm, Partly Cloudy
4 Weather:  Warm and Cloudy
5 Weather:  Cool and Cloudy
6 Weather:  Cold, Cloudy and Windy
7 Weather:  Rain
8 Weather:  Thunderstorm
9 Weather:  Snow
10 Weather:  Heavy Snow/Blizzard

See the table below to determine shifts in weather.

Weather Changes

Starting Weather | Changing Weather

Random Roll: d12 = 2

After determining the initial weather (see table above), roll 1d12 at the end of each day, week or other interval (DM discretion) to determine if/how the weather shifts.

d12 Weather Change
1 Weather Change:  Much Hotter
2 Weather Change:  Warmer
3 Weather Change:  Similar but Drier
4 Weather Change:  Similar but More Humid
5 Weather Change:  Similar but Less Windy
6 Weather Change:  Similar Weather
7 Weather Change:  Reroll Starting Weather
8 Weather Change:  Similar but Windier
9 Weather Change:  Similar but Less Humid
10 Weather Change:  Similar but Wetter
11 Weather Change:  Cooler
12 Weather Change:  Much Cooler

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